HOW TO WATCH INSTAGRAM LIVE ON PC: As we all know Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app. The app which we are using the most especially during this lockdown. It is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. The sole purpose of the application relies on sharing memories. Users can upload photos, videos, and share them with their followers.

Live videos!!! Yes, existing users might be familiar with this. Live videos are one of the exciting features on Instagram. Time and data consuming also. That’s apart. The application works flawlessly on smartphones. On the other hand, you can’t access your account on PC directly.

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You may ask a question that, Can I access it by web? Obviously, you can’t do it. Then how to watch Instagram live videos on PC? Because surfing through mobile doesn’t give the ideal experience all the time. But no need to worry.

Every problem has a solution. Likewise, You can watch live videos on PC by adding an extension to it. How to download and add an extension to my browser? Well, continue reading the below guide. It will satisfy your quench for live videos on PC.


Using Instagram on mobiles gives a flawless experience. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t access it on PC. You can access it by downloading an extension to your chrome browser. In that case, how do I select the best extension for my browser? No need to worry. Here, my recommendation is to install IG stories for Instagram.

IG stories for Instagram is a browser extension that allows you to watch Instagram live videos on PC. This extension software allows you to watch stories and download ended live videos on Instagram.

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NOTE: Mac users may ask that, can I install the extension on my Mac? IG stories extension software is currently available only for Windows PC. We may hope that it could get support in the future.


Instagram Live on PC
How to Watch Instagram Live on PC

In order to watch Instagram live videos on your windows PC continue with the following steps.

STEP1: Power on your desktop.

STEP2: Install the Chrome extension IG stories for Instagram on your PC.

STEP3: Log in to your Instagram account using the Chrome browser.

STEP4: The extension which you have installed will be added at the top of your screen.

STEP5: Click on the extension app icon.

STEP6: Select, Go to IG stories option.

STEP7: Now, you will be taken to the extended version of the Instagram page.

On the extension version of the Instagram page, you can see the following options.

  • Friends
  • Location
  • Search
  • Upload

Usually, you will be directed to the Friends section where you can notice the list of stories and videos.


Let’s see how to watch live videos if your friends are broadcasting. If your friends are broadcasting a live video you will see that person @username. Also, a live icon will be seen beside the person’s username. Click on that icon to start watching the live videos.

If there are no live videos or if the live session was ended, no issues. You have still more options. That’s the specialty of IG stories for Instagram. You can even watch the ended live programs by clicking the ‘eye’ on your friends’ icon.

Also, you can even download those videos for watching later purposes. By this, you can easily watch your friends’ live videos even on your Windows PC.


That’s all guys. I hope you have enjoyed the content. This app is really a handy one if you want to watch Instagram live videos on PC. You can also download stories, watch stories of strangers, and search for stories by username, tags, and places. With the help of this method, you can easily watch Instagram live on your windows PC. Stay on the track and update yourself with technology.

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