Best Methods to Take Screenshot on HP Laptop.

Computers and laptops are major technological tools for all purposes. We have done everything in this source. It has a main admirable thing. That is, watching films and viewing pictures. For the business process or any other important things, we have to note down on the laptop or PC. But, in sudden or immediate time, we don’t have time to search for all the things and view immediately. For that sake, we have the option of taking Screenshot which you want immediately. This article gives a brief note of how to take a Screenshot on the HP laptop. Scroll down to continue reading.


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This section provides the methods of taking Screenshot on the HP laptop. There are many ways to take a Screenshot on the laptop. But the most popular methods are PrintScreen, snipping tool, Snagit. Let see the methods to take a screenshot on HD Laptop.

_Screenshots on HP Laptop
How to take Screenshots on HP Laptop


The print screen method is an easy and quick process to take a screenshot. It’s available on all the laptops. Do follow the steps.

STEP1: Turn on your laptop and select your image in which you want to take a screenshot.

STEP2: You have to press the “PrtScn” button near the delete button. This print screen option locates in various formats. There are PrtScn, PrntScrn, Print Scr, and so on. Based on your device you have to press the print screen option.

STEP3: To save, you have to press the Windows+PrtScn buttons. It’s for saving the screen to a file.

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STEP4: Then, press the “fn” which is a function key to access the print screen feature.

STEP5: There is no movement after you click the “fn” option, but it’s saved in a clipboard.

STEP6: Otherwise, you can save your screenshot with open your word format or some other files and then paste it there.


 The next method is using a snipping tool. It’s also an easy process to take a screenshot. The snipping tool is a pre-installed or inbuilt tool in a laptop. So, you can easily take a screenshot on the laptop. Do follow the steps.

STEP1: First of all, open your laptop and click the search option.

STEP2: You can search for “Snipping tool” from the results.

STEP3: Open it, and select a “New” option to take a screenshot.

STEP4: You can move the arrow mark from where you want to begin the screenshot and then drag it fully.

STEP5: If you want to remove, you can click the”Esc” option before you click.

STEP6: After taking the screenshot, you have to click the “Save Snip” option to save the screenshot.

STEP7: You have to note that, you must save the picture with the PNG or JPEG format.


The final method is using snagit. This is an app that is available on the web. You can use this tool for taking a screenshot with image editing and screen recording features. It has many advanced editing tools. Let see the steps of taking a screenshot.

STEP1: Open your laptop, download, and install the Snagit app.

STEP2: After installing, open it and sign in with your personal details.

STEP3: Click the “Capture” button.

STEP4: You can move an arrow to where you want to begin and then drag to select an area.

STEP5: Then, select the “Camera” option on the toolbar to save the screenshot as a picture.

STEP6: For editing, you can click the “Edit” option in the pop-up Snagit editor window.

STEP7: There you can add shapes, text, effects, or make adjustments to your image.

STEP8: To save your image, you can click the “Share” icon in the top right corner.

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To take a screenshot in all the models of HP laptops is similar. There is a slight difference between the models. The following section explains the steps of Windows 10/8/7&XP laptops.

WINDOWS 10/8/7: For these models, you can use the above tools of print screen, snipping tool, and Snagit. You can easily and quickly take a screenshot using these sources.

WINDOWS XP: In this particular model, you have some steps to understand the method of taking a screenshot. The main thing is, you have to log on to your device and you must play a video in Microsoft Windows Media Player when you are taking a screenshot. Here are the steps, just follow.

STEP1: First of all, take a picture in which you want to take the screenshot. Click the ALT+print screen option to take a screenshot.

STEP2: Then, open the Microsoft Paint folder.

STEP3: There, go to the “Edit” menu and paste it by clicking Ctrl+V.

STEP4: Then, Click File and Save As option.

STEP5: Enter your file name and save your image in a PNG or JPG format.


  • Everything has a solution. Likewise, without the print screen button also, you can take a screenshot on your HP laptop.
  • If you don’t have a “Prt Scr” button on your laptop, you have to use the snipping tool or the Virtual Keyboard option.
  • The main thing is, the on-screen keypad will appear in your screenshot. On Windows-tablets, you can take a screenshot through holding the “Windows” button and then clicking the “Volume Down” button.

These all are the major points to take a screenshot on an HP laptop without using the print screen button.


The above subject provides the major and proper information, instruction, and methods to take a screenshot on an HP laptop. Everyone can use these methods to take a screenshot on their device. It’s an absolutely easy and simple way. And it’s also a quick process. Hope this article teaches a better understanding of taking a screenshot on an HP laptop.

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