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How to Strikethrough on Discord? [Simple Steps]

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Strikethrough it has been used mostly in recent time by all the user. And the discord user is looking to strikethrough text on discord.

If you are one of them and you have landed on the perfect place to know How to Strikethrough discord.

What actually means strikethrough?

Actually, Strikethrough means cross out the text you have written.

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Like, have a nice day.

It will be looking like this after doing strike through commands on discord.

Ok!. Let’s Move on the main part.

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How to Strikethrough text on Discord?

Strikethrough on Discord
Strikethrough on Discord

Hope you have read the previous tutorial on Bold and italic text on discord. In this tutorial we are gonna see how to strikethrough text.

It is so easy as like bold and italic. All your have to use the right markdown along with your text.

Let’s move on with an example for clear explanation.

To Strikethrough, you have to add tilde key on before and after the text.

You will be wondering What is the Tilde Key?

Don’t Worry, You can find it on your Keyword like ” ~ “. To add it to your text, you have to press the Shift key along with the tilde key.

Tilde key is near the number one or above the tab key.

Shift+~ =  ~ 

For Example,


If you are typing the content below

” Slipped on the Grease”.

How to Strikethrough in discord

And, wanted to strike through text ” Slipped”.

So, you have to type in text box as given below.

Discord strikethrough
 ~~Slipped~~ on the Grease .

You can just check out the output which you get on entering this command below.

Hope that you have got an idea on How to Strikethrough Text in Discord. Still, you got any doubt on strikethrough. Leave a comment below.

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How to cross out text in Discord?

Cross out is an alternate name for strikethrough. To cross out a text in discord, you have to use the tilde key before and after the text you want to cross out. Just check out the above example for a clear explanation.

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