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How to Send Wave Back on Facebook Messenger?

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Hi guys, today I’m here with another interesting content. Guess what? Yes, the content is on how to wave on Facebook Messenger. Firstly, what is waving? Waving is just a virtual way of saying ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ to your friends.

Waving is just a way of trying to start a conversation in a polite manner. Before getting into the topic, initially let’s get to know in short about the Messenger app. Facebook Messenger is one of the messaging apps which lets you chat with your friends and family.

What are the devices compatible with the Messenger app? It is available on both Android and iOS, also you can access it by the website on PC. The features may remind you of using Whatsapp. But the main difference is the integration of this software with Facebook.

Well, let’s get into the sole purpose of the topic, how to wave on Messenger. The method on how to wave on Messenger is very simple. All you need is an active Facebook account and a Facebook compatible device.

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If you are ready with all the requirements, It’s time to jump into the topic. Let’s see how to wave on Messenger in the following content. Continue reading the below guide to clarify your doubts on Messenger.

How To Wave On Facebook Messenger
How to Wave on Messenger

Messenger And Its Functions

The Messenger is a separate app to Facebook by Facebook. The sole purpose of the app to chat with your friends on Facebook. Also, you have a video calling facility. Adding to it there is a story feature on Facebook. This feature you might have already seen on Instagram. Using it you can add your stories and also you can view your friend’s stories on Facebook.

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Some of the main features of the Messenger app are following:

  • Instant messaging
  • Photo/ video sharing
  • Live video calling
  • Group chats with friends on Facebook
  • Ability to record voice messages.

The advantage of the Messenger app is that you can use all the above-given features in both mobile and PC. Let’s see the methods one by one in detail in the following content.

How To wave Using Messenger App on Smartphone

Most of us will be using the Facebook app from our smartphone. As it could be more convenient and flawless to use. If you are one among those people, this method is for you. You can easily wave from your smartphone.

If you are using Facebook for a long time, you may aware that, the Facebook chat has been moved to the Messenger app. There are two methods to wave from your smartphone.

  • Waving within the Facebook app
  • Waving directly from the Messenger app.

Initially, I’m going to show you, how to wave from the Facebook app.

Waving Within The Facebook App

In this method, let’s see how to wave on Facebook Messenger from the Facebook app. Continue with the following guide.

STEP1: Open the Facebook app on your smartphone.

STEP2: Click on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of the app.

How to Wave on Facebook messenger
Image Source: itech guides

STEP3: Scroll down the menu and click on the Messenger option.

STEP4: When the Messenger gets open, click on your Friend’s list icon in the middle.

STEP5: On your friend’s list, click on ‘Active’ menu.

STEP6: To wave your friend, click on the ‘Hand’ icon beside your friend’s name.

How to wave On the Messenger app
Image Source: itech guides

This is how you can wave at your friend on Messenger within the Facebook app.

Waving Directly From The Messenger App

This method will be more useful if you just became friends with someone. Let’s see how to wave at your new friend directly from the Messenger app.

STEP1: Open the Messenger app on your smartphone.

STEP2: Click on the Active friends list.

Image source: web trickz

STEP3: Tap on your new friend’s chat.

STEP4: To wave your new friend, click on the wave button beneath the yellow hand icon.

Image source: web trickz

By using this method, you can wave at your new friend directly from the Messenger app.

How To Wave On Messenger From Website

Using Messenger on smartphone may be convenient, but it won’t give ideal experience all the time. Some people may feel convenient in using a larger screen. So, in this method let’s see how to wave on Messenger from PC.

STEP1: Open on your browser and login with your account.

wave On Facebook Messenger from website
Image source: web trickz

STEP2: Select Messenger from the list of menu displayed at your left side.

STEP3: To wave one of your friends, click the Hand icon beside your friend’s name.

STEP4: A new chat window will open with a yellow hand icon and with a message saying, You waved at < your friend’s name>.

Image source: web trickz

By using this method you can wave at your friend using your PC.


That’s all guys. This is how you can wave on Facebook messenger hope, you might have got answers to your question and satisfied with the content. By using the above-given methods you can easily wave at your friend from both smartphones and PC. Starting a conversation in a polite manner like waving is a good sign. Stay on the track and update yourself with technology.

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