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How to Restart Firestick Within a Minute [100% Working]

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In this technological world, instead of not living, we humans are running in a race. Due to this, we couldn’t concentrate on some essential works. It leads to a block in our life. Those are problems and miseries. Most of the people would have felt of having a restart button in our life. Likewise happens in smart devices like Firestick. So in this content, we are going to deal with the methods on how to restart Firestick within a minute? At times they too suffer from some performance issues. If you are searching for the best methods to restart Firestick, you are in the right place. Come, let’s get into the content.

What is Firestick?

Amazon Firestick is one of the best online media streaming devices. It lets you stream videos, install apps, access online channels like Hulu, YouTube TV, Netflix, TeaTV, and other streaming services. It is an Android-based device that can convert your normal TV into a smart TV.

Methods to Restart Firestick

There are three methods available to restart your Firestick based on various needs. Your Firestick may suffer from performance issues due to storage, or app crashes, or if your Firestick freezes. Whatever the reason, you can easily rectify the issue just by following the below-given methods.

  • From Settings
  • Using Firestick Remote
  • Disconnecting Power source

How to Restart Firestick with Settings

Yes, you can easily restart your device from Settings on your device. This method can be applied only if your Firestick has not been frozen and the remote is in working condition. Make sure that and continue with the following steps.

STEP1: Initially, Turn on your Firestick.

STEP2: Tap on the Settings option at the top of your homescreen.

STEP3: Choose the My Device/Fire TV option from the menu.

STEP4: Scroll down until you see the Restart option.

STEP5: Click on the Restart option and confirm your action in the following pop-up warning.

This is one of the uncomplicated methods to restart your Firestick from Settings on your device.

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How to Restart Firestick using Remote

If your Firestick has been stuck and couldn’t access the Settings, you can apply this method. But make sure that your Firestick remote is in working condition and continue with the following steps.

STEP1: Press and hold down the Select button and Play/Pause button for a few seconds.

STEP2: Your device will restart immediately without any confirmation pop-up as seen in the previous method.

How to Restart Firestick by Disconnecting Power Source

Use this method only when your Amazon Firestick had turn unresponsive to your commands. This is the final method of force restarting your device. This method is very simple. You can use this method when your Firestick remote is out of life.

Just unplug the Amazon Firestick from the main power source. Provide about a one-minute time and plug in the adapter again to the socket. This will restart your Firestick within minutes.

This is how you can restart your Amazon Firestick using three different methods. I hope this would have made your process uncomplicated.


That’s all guys. This is all you need to know about the methods of restarting Amazon Firestick. I hope this content will be useful and satisfactory. Amazon Firestick is one of the best and powerful streaming devices. Even smart devices require a restart at times. Using the above-given methods you can easily restart your device for three different needs.


How to restart Firestick without remote?

Unplug the Amazon Firestick from its power source. Wait for some time and plug it into the power source again. This is the only method to restart your Firestick without a remote.

If I restart my Firestick, will I lose anything?

A restart will resolve the technical glitches present on your device. It won’t wash away any of your data.

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