The Function key, in short form Fn key, is a modifier key on many keyboards. Especially used on laptops. Why we find especially on laptops? Because of their keyboard size restrictions. What are the main functions of an Fn key in the keyboard? It allows you to control many functions that you could otherwise only control via the system settings. These functions not only save time but also can be an annoyance in certain situations. If the useful thing turns out to be an annoying one, then how-to rectify it? The only solution is locking the Fn key when you don’t require it. Now your question might be… How to lock and unlock the Fn key in the keyboard, right? Well, continue reading the below guide. Definitely you will get your queries solved at the end of the content.


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Fn is a modifier key as that of other modifier keys, such as Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and AltGr. For a standard modifier, the microcontroller inside the keyboard sends a scan code for the modifier itself. Then, it will be interpreted by the operating system and combined with other simultaneous key press.

On the other hand, the Fn key is a kind of meta modifier key. So, it causes the operating system to see altered scancodes when you press the other keys simultaneously. These functions allow the keyboard to directly follow a full-sized keyboard. By this, the operating system can use standard keymaps designed for a full-sized keyboard.

Due to this, you get the feeling of using a full-fledged keyboard in a laptop keyboard.


Mapping refers to configuring the functions of the Function(Fn) key. Yes, you can configure it. The processing of the Fn key offers no knowledge to the main computer. It makes the computer to wander as whether the Fn key has been pressed or not. So, some manufacturers like Lenovo, perform this mapping in the BIOS running system on the main CPU. It allows in remapping the Fn key by modifying the BIOS interrupt handler. In the case of Apple products, the Fn key is mappable and serves other uses also. You can trigger the dictation function by pressing the Fn key twice.


 How to Lock Fn Key | how to Unlock Fn Key
How to lock Fn Key | How to Unlock Fn Key

It is commonly found between the special keys such as Ctrl, Alt, and the windows key. Usually present at the bottom left or right of the keyboard. With the Fn key, you can reach another level of control over the keyboard. These functions differ from manufactures to manufactures. Even changes between the models of the same manufacturing brand.

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You can easily identify the second assignment for the function key by a matching symbol. Most of those symbols often are in a certain color. You can perform the following functions with an Fn key combination.

  • Adjust screen brightness
  • Putting the laptop into standby mode.
  • Volume controls( increase, decrease, mute)
  • Screen on/off
  • Touch-pad deactivation
  • Controlling external monitors
  • And finally the Numpad on the right half of the keyboard.


Sometimes you may get annoyed by the Fn key. At such times you can deactivate the Fn key as you may not require it. Let’s see how to lock the Fn key in the following steps.

STEP1: Turn on your computer.

STEP2: Press the F10 key to enter the BIOS setup window.

STEP3: Navigate to the system configuration option using the arrow keys.

STEP4: Enter the Action keys mode option.

STEP5: Now press the enter key to display enable or disable menu.

STEP6: Select disable and press the F10 key to save the option.

Do’t forget to reboot the system after completing the changes.


Sometimes the Fn key may get locked or deactivated accidentally. You may easily resolve the problem by following the steps mentioned below. To release the Fn keys lock there are different combinations based on different manufacturers and models. Try out the following key combinations one after another to unlock the Fn key.

  • Ctrl+Shift+Num
  • Fn+F11
  • Num+F11
  • Fn+Num

With any one of the above-mentioned combinations, you can efficiently unlock the Fn key.


That’s all guys. I hope you got the answers to your issues with the Fn key. A function key is a great tool and a cool feature on laptop keyboards. That allows you to control many functions even without configuring the system settings. It gives you the experience of using a full-fledged keyboard. The annoyance of the Fn key can be rectified with the above-given methods. Thank you for reading. Stay on the track and update yourself with technology.

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