How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on PS5? [Updated]

The article presents you know the wonderful particulars of One of the best-known streaming services in the world of the internet. Are you guessing what that interesting source is?

This is a basic streaming multimedia service that carries lots of important and informative particulars and contents. That is Amazon Prime Video.

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Here, you are going to see lots of important details about Amazon Prime Video and how to watch and install it on PS5. So, without delaying the time, let’s start the article.

Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is simply called Prime Video. This is one of the most popular on-demand streaming sources. It’s more famous in the top streaming services. You can also get the rental shows in this app.

To watch all the essential contents of this application, you should be a member of this Amazon Prime Membership account. The app offers you to watch the original and real content all the time.

There are numerous contents Available in this app. The basic particulars are Exclusives, hosting content, content add-ons, live sporting events, video rental, purchasing services, and so on.

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It’s a division-based type and it’s an OTT platform. The United States is a Headquarters of this source. This is a World Wide web page. The only aim of this service is to provide entertainment and mass media programs to the users.

Features of Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video carries tons of wonderful features and specifications. The specific factors explain the important details of the source. This is going to be very useful and interesting. Here are the basic details of Amazon Prime Video.

  • Amazon Prime Video is a Streaming Media.
  • It’s a digital distribution source.
  • The parent of this application is Amazon.
  • There are more than 175 million users using this website.
  • The available website of this source is
  • This is renamed Amazon Instant Video on Demand.
  • It’s a highly commendable service.
  • The picture and video quality are available in the format of 1080p and Ultra HD.
  • It’s available on Android devices, tablets, iOS, PC, Firesticks, Roku, Nvidia Shield, Xbox Consoles, PlayStations, Chromecast enabled Smart TVs, and so on.
  • The app offers a 30 days free trial to watch the free content.
  • This is one of the family-friendly interfaces.
  • Every new month you can get new content.

How to Install Prime Video on PS5?

PlayStation 5 is a gaming console. You can play various types of games exclusively. The best part is to know that, you can see the steps to install Amazon Prime Video on this PS5. Let’s enter into the steps.

Amazon Prime Video on PS5
How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on PS5

Step 1

Go to the Main Menu of the PS5 console and choose the “Multimedia content” option.

Step 2

There, you have to choose the “Application Library” and then Go to all Applications options.

Step 3

You have to search for an Amazon Prime Video app. Then choose the “Download” option to download it.

Step 4

After downloading the app on your PS5, you have to open the app.

Step 5

Next, you have to link the app with your PS5 console. For that, choose the “Identify Yourself” option.

Step 6

Then, choose the “Get a new code”.

Step 7

Your console shows that Register device. So, you have to enter the code. You need to do it on your Mobile or Computer.

Step 8

That’s all. The process is over. You can watch all your Amazon Prime Video content on your PS5.

Is Amazon Prime Video available on PS5?

Yes. Amazon Prime Video is available on the PlayStation 5. You can install the app easily and access all the contents exclusively. To confirm that, Sony group of companies confirmed that Amazon Prime Video is available on PS5.

Final Verdict

Therefore, the article comes to an End. You will be a master of how to install the Amazon Prime Video on your PlayStation 5. Because the process is so simple and easy. You can easily install the application on your PS5 without any further questions and clarifications.

It’s very valuable to use. Because it can help you to attain greater entertainment in your stressful times. It will be a stress-buster tool to relax your mind all the time. Hope the article brings you lots of enjoyment and happiness forever.

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