Most of the users of Firestick have a doubt about the access to local channels in it. If you are also in the same confusion here you will be served with the right solution. Let us see how to add local channels on Firestick.

How to Watch Local Channels on Firestick?

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The users of the Amazon Firestick can add the local channels by using 3 methods. They are listed below.

  • Using streaming apps and third party services.
  • And using the network-based apps
  • Using the digital antenna and Plex client app

#1.Third party service or streaming apps.

The users of the Firestick can use streaming apps to access the local channels. Some of the streaming apps that provide local channels are given below

  • SlingTv,
  • Hulu Live TV,
  • FuboTV,
  • DirecTv Now,
  • YouTube TV and so on.

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The users of this app can avail themselves of the essential channels by accessing the fundamental package. Each package has its own cost variance and number of channels. Various packages offered include Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling orange and blue. Sling Orange costs $25 per month with the availability of 30 channels along with the stream. The Sling blue costs the same rate of $25 per month with 40 channels along with three streams. And the Sling orange and blue costs $40 per month.

Hulu live TV

This app offers users a wide range of channels. The app includes local channels and also countrywide channels. The users of Amazon Firestick can access it with high-definition browsing. The charge of the Hulu live TV is $ 40 per month. There are numerous packages available.


This app also provides the user with a wide range of channels including the local and the countrywide channels. Initially, this app provided only sports content but now has expanded its service. The charge of FuboTV is $44.99 per month. To access additional features the users should pay $ 49.99.

#2. Network-based apps

Also, the users of Firestick can access the local channels using network-based apps. But for this, the users must have a subscription plan with the local TV provider. For instance, the users can access the NBC network-based apps. Some other similar network-based apps are,

  • ABC
  • CBS All Access
  • The CW
  • NBC
  • FOX Now
  • PBC

Steps to Find Network-Based Apps

The steps to access the network-based apps are given below.

  1. Initially, the user should navigate to the “home” in firestick.
  2. Then the user should select the “Apps“.
  3. After that, the user should select “features“.
  4. The user should then select the “categories“.
  5. And then the user must select the “movies and TV” option.
  6. Now the user will be able to see the available networks.
  7. The user should select the app by clicking on it.
  8. Then the user should select the “get” option.
  9. Thus the app will install on the firestick.
  10. For instance, if the user selects NBC, the user should go to the live category and select any of the broadcasts.
  11. Then the user should select the local channels available on NBC network.
  12. After that, the user should not forget to select the TV provider like Cox, DirecTV, spectrum, version, and so on. And so You can access the local channels on Firestick.

The process to unlink the TV provider  is also given below,

  1. The users should navigate to the “menu”.
  2. And then select the “more” option.
  3. After that, the user must click on “my profile”
  4. Then the user must click on the “unlink” button seen under the TV provider option.
  5. Thus the TV provider will unlink.

Digital antenna and Plex client app

Moreover, the users can also access the local channels by using the digital antenna. The user has to pay only for the antenna. There is no cost for the service accessed despite the charge of the antenna. The user should have the Plex media software in their windows, Mac OS, or Linux. And the user should not forget to install the Plex client app on the Firestick. The user should connect the digital antenna to the PC. Thus the users will be able to get access to the local channels on the firestick which serves as the receiver.

Similarly, the users can also access a Tablo DVR or something that is similar to it and connect it to the digital antenna. This Tablo DVR is used instead of the PC. Here the Tablo DVR serves as the server. And the users will be able to access the broadcast through an Ethernet connection or the access of WiFi on the Firestick.

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Concluding thoughts

Thus, the users can add the local TV channels to the Firestick easily using the above-given methods. We find that the use of streaming apps seems to be much common in existence rather than the other methods. It is we who have to take up a suitable choice. We must select the most feasible method for convincing and comfort. So start watching the local channels on the Firestick.


Can I Watch Local Channels on Firestick?

Yes, You can watch local channels on Firestick. But you have to choose an application or service to enable local channels on your firestick. Some of the applications will cost you subscription costs.

Can I Get Local Channels on Firestick?

Yes, It is Simple to Get Local Channels on Amazon Firestick in a minute. Just Search and download a network-based application using the above method and start watching your favorite shows.

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