How to Get Houseparty on PS4 in a minute? [updated 2020]

Houseparty on PS4: Using houseparty app has become common during this era of social distancing. But many of them still have the doubt that, whether this app can be used with the help of PS4.  And if yes, how should it be done?. Don’t worry here is the answer to all these queries. First, let’s see the feature of both PS4 and Houseparty. The knows the process to bring in Houseparty on PS4.

About PlayStation4

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PlayStation4 is considered to be the eighth generation home video console. It is considered to be the 4th best selling console. It is developed by sony interactive entertainment. PlayStation 4 was launched in the year 2013. It is not only to play games but also to stream videos movies, series, and famous TV shows.

PlayStation 4 does not require the internet but it functions better when connected to the internet. Requires an HDMI connection. Some features of PlayStation 4 is given below

What is Houseparty App?

The house party is a face to face video chatting app. It supports both mobile and desktop. It was launched in the year 2016. The app allows the user to send and receive notifications while being online. Group chatting is also available on this app.

The user can start up parties by hosting live videos. The user can turn on the lock option to avoid others joining the room. Some of the features of this app are given below.

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Features of Houseparty on PS4

  • The user is provided with the feature of joining the Community group. This consists of the game clips shared by others, group chat, accomplishments, discussion board, and also helps launch cooperative games.
  • Media sharing is also possible. A share button is present for this purpose. The user can record gameplay, takes a screenshot, select videos etc…for sharing.
  • However, The user can make use of the live streaming feature and live gameplay.
  • The user can invite friends who are online even though they don’t own the game.
  • The user can use a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse.
  • The app helps many users to chat simultaneously.
  • The user can create separate rooms to chat with.
  • Only the friends who are present in the room receives notifications.
  • The app helps the user to invite friends and friends of friends for the chat.
  • The dice icon present helps the users to play quick games.
  • The user can send an SMS text link to those who the user wants to join.
  • The user can lock the chat and avoid unnecessary indulgence.
  • The app allows almost 8 members to participate in the chat at the same time.
  • Split-screen is another feature of this app.
  • Face to face interaction in good video quality.

Procedure to Set Up PS4

#1. The user should connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the TV.

#2. The user should connect the small end of the USB to the game controller.

#3. The other end should connect to the PS4.

#4. The user should then switch on the PS4 console.

#5. The user should choose PS4 on the TV.

#6. Then go to the home page of the PS4.

#7. The user hve to choose the language.

#8. On the next page the user should click on “set up on internet connection”.

#9. Now the user should search for the ” Use WiFi “.

#10.The user can  tap on the “easy setup”.

#11. The list if the WiFi connections that are available will be displayed on the TV screen.

#12. The user have to select the WiFi network.

#13. Enter the password and sign in.

#14. The user should skip the following pages.

#15. Should not forget to set the time and date.

#16. The user should now tap on the “accept“.

Now the PS4 is ready to work.

How to Get Houseparty on PS4?

Houseparty on PS4

Step1: The user should enter the google play store.

Step2: And search for the houseparty app and click download.

Step3: The user should install the app.

Step4: Also download and install the screen mirroring app.

Step5: The user should now go to the PS4.

Step6: Then move to the “application” menu to help to launch the browser.

Step7: The user should enter “”

Step8: Then the user should click on “go“.

Step9: The user should now enter the code and scan the QR code provided on the app.

Step10: Within seconds the screen will mirroring on the PS4.

Now the user can enjoy using houseparty on PS4

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To Conclude

Using video chatting apps have become more prominent. But the methods of accessing it matters the most. Houseparty on PS4 gives a varied experience that differs from the normal track of usage.

The simplest way to access this special feature is explained briefly in the above passages. It’s not that there is no way to do some extraordinary things, but it is we who never take the pain search for it. Let’s check out what is special in using Houseparty on PS4.

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