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Hi guys, today I’m here with another interesting content. Guess what? How to flip an image in Google Docs. First of all, what is Google Docs? Google Docs is a free application on a web basis. By which you can create, edit and store documents and spreadsheets online.

It is a part of Google’s Drive service. The service is available as a web application, mobile app, and as a desktop application. This app is compatible with Microsoft Office file formats. Your files can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

NOTE: The only thing is that the device has to be compatible with Google Docs application.

Image Flip!!! Yes, you may have seen this while editing images. A change in the perspective of viewing images. Don’t confuse flipping with rotating. Rotating is changing the direction of the image ie upside down. On the other hand, you can flip an image either only vertically or horizontally.

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I hope you have got the difference between flipping and rotating. Let’s get into our topic, how to flip an image in Google Docs? Continue reading the below guide.


Once you have understood the difference between flipping an image and rotating an image, continue with the following steps.

STEP1: Open Google Docs application from any of the compatible devices.

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STEP2: Unroll the document with the image you wish to flip.

STEP3: Select the image by clicking on it.

STEP4: You can also select the image using the Ctrl+C combination on your keyboard.

STEP5: Once you have selected the image, right click on it.

STEP6: The image you have copied will be copied in the clipboard.

STEP7: Place cursor in the new page and click insert–> drawing–> new.

STEP8: Google Docs Drawing tool will get opened.

STEP9: Now, right click on the blank page and then select paste.

STEP10: To illustrate you, here I’m taking the image of a Cycling.

Flip an Image in Google Docs

STEP11: To flip this image on Google Docs, click on the Actions option.

STEP12: Point to rotate and then select to Flip horizontally.

STEP13: Now the right side of the cycling flipped out to be its left side and vice versa.

STEP14: Finally, save the image by the combination of Ctrl+S and close the application.

Now, you have got a flipped image of cycling. Likewise, you can try this in whatever images you wish. As I have flipped horizontally, you can try flipping images in a vertical manner also.


That’s all guys. I hope you have got the method of flipping images on Google Docs. This content will be really helpful in flipping images than rotating. Flipped images entirely vary from the rotated images. You can notice the difference by trying out this technique. Stay on the track and update yourself with technology.

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