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How to Find Someone IP on Discord?

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How to Find Someone IP on Discord: Basically, all the technical devices attached to a network have a unique IP address. They are a numerical label that represents the hosting device connected to the computer for network communication. By the way, you might have thought to view someone’s IP address. Are you a Discord player and want to know the IP address of your co-fellows?

In fact, Discord is a secured service. It is not easy to track someone’s IP address on Discord without putting effort. And also, the process is quite complex and sometimes illegal too. Still, you want to Find Someone IP address through the Discord server, let us look at the possible ways. Head aside to this write-up.

Dear Discord Users!

As we know that, Discord is a famous place for video gamings and chattings. It keeps us always engaged with other Discord users staying online on the server. There are many reasons that the user wants to know someones’ IP address. If you think, Discord is the right area to get other IPs, then you have to handle some IP-finding tools. Hopefully, many Discord players well-known with these IP finders.

How to Get Someone IP on Discord?

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Indeed, it is not at all a straightforward process to track IP addresses on Discord. Even more, you cannot find any option on the Discord server to get the IP address. Therefore, we should bypass the IP finding process with some alternative methods.

how to Find Someone IP on Discord

How to Find Someone IP on Discord

  • Malicious links: It is one of the most common ways to get the IP address indirectly from the respective user itself. For instance, we have to send malicious links while chatting with someone. Once they click the link, soon the page will redirect them to the IP resolving websites. Through the website, we can track their IP effortlessly.

Finding IP using Discord IP resolver

It is specially made for Discord users, with advanced technology called the packet interception scan method. Through this, anyone can fetch, scan, extract and decrypt the IP address of Discord users. It constructs with artificial algorithm techniques. With the help of the algorithm, the IP finder tool sends some spoofed packs to others to detect their current geological area. From that, they can track the IP address and gather any other information they needed.

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  1. The foremost step is, you should join on a Discord server and type \@yourusername. From this, you will receive your user ID.
  2. Now, head into your Discord account and select Then, click on Appearance.
  3. After that, toggle the button to turn on the Developer Mode. Next, right-click on the username you need to know the IP and press the Copy ID option.
  4. Paste the Discord User ID on the appropriate field of the Discord Resolver Website.
  5. In the end, click Resolve to grab the IP address of the person instantly.

Finding Someone IP using Discord IP Grabber

As the name Discord, IP grabber indicates that what it results. Yes. It is the best solution for the users who want to grab someone’s IP on Discord. Let see how.


First of all, open your browser and visit the official website of Grabbify IP logger. Or else, click here It is more convenient for the users to copy-paste the Discord URL.


It is to mention that, Discord offers an individual link (address) for each user to check in to the server. Hence, you have to know someone’s Discord address to get their IP.


Enter the address on the Enter a valid URL or tracking code field of Grabbify. Below that, press the Create URL button. Soon, it will give your new URL with some parameters attached to track their IP.


Once you have created the URL on Grabify, it will provide a tracking code. Most notably, this code is vital for track the IP of the user afterward.


Now, you have to give this working link to the person whom you want to track. It is the purpose of tracking their information through the URL.


Make sure that, the person should click the link. You have to do some tricks to made the person tap on the link. In case they ignore clicking the link, you will not get their IP anymore.


Once you made the person click the link, you are pretty clever to track their IP at one sit. Along with the link, you have a tracking code.


On the Grabify homepage, you can see the Tracking code field. Enter the generated code here. At last, this website lists all the information of the user along with their IP address too.

Like Grabify IP logger, there are so many IP addresses grabbing websites that have been developed. Use the same method to extract someone’s IP address easily.


Can anyone see my IP on Discord?

No, never. Your IP address is as much as confidential and personal. Discord never let show the IP address of yours at any cost. At the same time, no one can track the IP address through Discord directly.

Can I do the same method to grab IP from other social media apps?

Yes. You can. Malicious link is not only applicable for discord. But also works well to track IP from famous social media platforms. It includes Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and much more applications.

Final Verdict

Discord confirmed that getting others IP from Discord itself is impossible. Still, you attempt to use any hacking process, it is completely against the terms and conditions of Discord. So, you have to be very cautious and careful which attempting malicious links to get the IP. Their single tap is more than enough to track their entire information such as location, IP, a device they are using, and much more. By concluding this context, we advised tracking other’s IP, only if it is necessary.

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