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How to Italic text on Discord? [Simple Steps]

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In the previous tutorial, we have discussed How to Bold text on Discord. In this tutorial, we are gonna see about How to do Discord italic text?.

Actually, it is possible for discord to do anything by using some markdown. Discord has not launched any tools for formatting the text. So, you have to use some tricks to format your text on discord.

Don’t worry. Formatting does not take much time like the other tools. It only matters a second to italic text in discord.

How to Italic text on Discord
How to Italic text on Discord

Let’s check how to italic text in Discord in the below heading with an example.

How to Italic Text in Discord?

Writing an interesting text to your channel and want to format your text and mark up some important points in Bold & italics.

You have no idea then check out here How to do it in seconds.

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To italic text in discord you have use * before and after the text you want to italic.

You can find the symbol on your number pad. Just press shift key along with number 8.

Shift +8 = *

For Example,

If you are typing the below text on discord.

Get the Power back on the track.


wanted the “power back” to be in italic.

then, type as given below.

” Get the *power back* on the track

After, using the following command you can see the difference as given below.

Actually, it is so easy to italic text in discord. If you have remembered the basic commands on your mind. It will take only a second to italic your text.

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How do you italicize in discord mobile?

Actually, there is no difference in commands for italicize text on different devices. It is the same as given above markdown for Mobile and all the other devices. It does not vary for devices just common for discord.

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