How to Delete Apps on Firestick? [Uninstall Preinstalled Apps]

Delete Apps on Firestick will improve performance on your device by freeing up some space”. Amazon Firestick is an amazing streaming device that allows to Download and Installs any apps on it. Most of the Streaming Device like Roku does not allow third-party apps on their device. You have to use only the apps in their store.

However, you would have installed so many apps on your firestick and might hit an issue for a shortage of space. So, you will be forced to delete some of the preinstalled apps on your firestick.

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If you are not aware of “How to Delete Apps on Firestick or Fire TV?”. then, you are in the right place to check it out. All you have to do is to follow the steps given in the below procedure.

How to Delete Apps on Firestick?

Most of the user thinks that it requires an expert to do it or requires a lots of work. Not at all, it requires only a few steps which can be done even by a kid.

Make sure that before deleting an application because it will delete all your details of the application on your device.

Delete Apps on Firestick
How to Delete Apps on Firestick

Also, it will free up some space on your device by uninstalling an app.

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Turn On Firestick

Hope that you have connected firestick to your device and Turn it ON.

Open Settings

On the Home Screen, you can find a Menu bar at the top. In that you can find settings, just tap on it to Open.

Select Manage Installed Applications

In settings, you can find a list of options. Just slide and select the Manage Installed Applications from the list.

Select the App to Delete

It will show you all the applications installed on your firestick device. Just scroll and select the application to uninstall from your firestick.

Select on Uninstall

Open the application from the list. In that, you can find some options in that you can find Uninstall. Click on Uninstall to delete the app.

Click on Uninstall

Once again it will ask you to click on Uninstall for confirmation. Just click on Uninstall.

That’s it. You have successfully deleted an app and freed some space on your firestick. It may increase your performance of your device and also try to Update Firestick. It will improve the performance of fix bugs on your device.

Alternate Method to Uninstall Apps on Firestick

Actually, It will work only if you have an Es File Explorer on Firestick. It is one of the best applications to add or remove apps on firestick.

Just follow the steps to uninstall apps on firestick using Es File Explorer.

  • Open ES File Explorer
  • Click on the App icon on the Home Screen.
  • A list of the installed applications appears on your screen.
  • Select the app you want to Delete.
  • Below you can find a list of options. in That click on Uninstall.

That’s it. You have successfully removed apps from your Fire TV.

Final Words

Actually, no one wants to uninstall or delete an app on firestick. Because you will be using all the applications to watch any one of your favorite shows. But you have to sacrifice one of your apps to improve the performance of your device. So, that you can avoid some buffering issues on firestick and watch your most favorite shows on firestick.


How to remove preinstalled apps on amazon firestick?

To remove Preinstalled apps on Amazon Firestick you have to follow some of the steps. You can find the steps above which has been clearly explains the procedure to remove apps on firestick.

How do you delete recent apps on Firestick?

Sometimes it will be annoying of the recent items on your Firestick home screen. You can remove it by selecting the app and below you can find an option as Remove from Recent. Just click on the option it will remove the app from the recent items.

How do you delete all the Apps on Firestick?

You can delete all apps on your firestick one by one. But If you have so many apps on your device. Just Reset Firestick completely and after that just update the firestick. So, your device will be clean and updated.

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