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How to Bold Text on Discord? [Simple Steps]

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Want to bold text on discord???. You have no idea How to do it. Actually, it has been a problem for lots of discord user.

Because, Discord does not provides any tools to bold, italics, Strike through, and much more text formatting. So, you have to look for some of the tricks to bold text in discord.

Is it possible???.

Yes, you might have seen some of the users would have done some text formatting discord. And you wanted to do it while typing.

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You are in the right place to know How to Bold in Discord.

It just takes less than a minute to read this tutorial and you can bold the text in milliseconds.

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Come On. let’s Check it out.

How to Bold Text on Discord?

Discord bold text

If you are looking to bold on discord then, you surely will have an discord account. if you don’t have one then check out this turtorial to create an discord account.

Let’s move on the context.

Bold Text on Discord
Bold Text on Discord

While typing a text on the Discord. Just Add ** before & After the text you want to bold. You can get the symbol by pressing Shift key and Number 8.

Shift + 8 = *

For example,

Hi, Please Make a Note on Energy. —- It is the text you want to write and wanted to Bold Energy.

How to Bold in Discord

Then, Type as

Hi, please make a Note on **Super Good**.
Bold Text on Discord

That’s it. the text will be bold and you can watch it below.

Bold Text Discord

It just a simple procedure to do it and does not require any experts to do it. Just follow the Guide and do it by yourself.

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