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Add Apps on Vizio Smart TV: People using smart TVs are increasing day-by-day. However, users mainly access smart TVs to stream over a wide range of videos. Users can stream videos using various apps. We know that smart TVs are preinstalled with several apps. And thus the users can install the apps that are not available. Users find that using smart TVs has made them smarter in life. And the users are now able to handle technologies easily.


The V.Inc company was formed in  2002 in the US. It was renamed the Vizio.Inc in  2007. The Vizio.Inc produces various devices such as Tablets, TVs, Mobile phones, Google TVs, etc… The Vizio smart TVs have a High Definition Surround Sound System. Vizio smart TVs are one of the important LCD manufacturers in the world.

The Vizio smart TVs have an inbuilt Chromecast. Thus the users find it easier to use. However, the users will be confused, how to use varied apps on Vizio smart TVs?. Vizio smart TVs are launched with preinstalled apps. But the users can also install apps on it additionally.


add apps on Vizio Smart Smart TV
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How to Add apps on Vizio TV

The process of installation of apps is so easy in Vizio smart TVs. The user can install apps using two methods. Firstly, the user can use the app stores available on smart TV. Secondly, the user can use the smart cast to cast the required contents on the TV (using both android and iOS devices).

METHOD 1: Add Apps on Vizio Smart TV Using App Store

Step1: The users should initially verify a proper internet connection.

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Step2: Power ON the Vizio smart TV.

Step3: The users can now click on the V button, which is present on the remote of the smart TV.

Step4: Now, the users will be able to access the app bar.

Step5: The users should select the Yahoo TV store or the CTV store (this varies from one model to another).

Step6: After selecting the app store press the “OK” button.

Step7: The users will find the available apps on the screen.

Step8: The users can search for the app required on the basis of the category (the categories include videos, games, sports, lifestyle, education, etc..).

Step9: Highlight the app required and press “OK“.

Step10: Now the users can click on the “install app”.

Step11: And then press on the “OK” button.

Step12: The user will find the app installed on the TV.

Thus they will be able to see it on the screen bar.

METHOD 2: Add Apps on Vizio TV Using SMARTCAST

#1. Make sure that there is an android or iOS device with an internet connection.

#2. Then install the Vizio Smartcast app in it.

#3. Now pair the app with the Vizio smart TV (the Smartcast will easily detect the smart TV).

#4. Open up videos or content on android or iOS devices. 

#5. Users must select the Cast icon (it is on the upper corner).

#6. The user can see the videos cast on the smart TV.

Video tutorial to Add Apps on Vizio Smart TV


If you have any errors during the installation process. The user can rectify it by the following steps

  • The users can power off the devices. This is done while the downloading or installing process gets stuck.
  • This can also be rectified by resetting the devices once again.
  • The users can restart the installation process if the internet connection cuts off. Because it will cause improper functioning of the app after installation.
  • USB flash drive can be used when there is no enough space on Smart TV.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling apps is a better idea to avoid errors during the process of installation.


Thus the two methods used for the installation process of the apps on a smart TV are given above. It is quite easier than before, to install an app on your smart TV. That too on the Vizio Smart tv, it is much easier because of the in-built Chromecast. The users can access an easy interface with Vizio Smart TV. So, Startup a digital life in this crucial period of lockdown. And grow up along with the growth of technology and update yourself. If you are looking for any other apps on Vizio Smart TV.

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