How Old is My iPhone? When was My iPhone activated? Simple Trick

Hello iPhone Users! Usually, age is the most important factor in everyone’s life. Everyone wants to be so young and pretty in old age too. This age factor issue is not only for humans and living things.

Even, non-living things can this struggle. To simplify this term, you can take our regular usage of mobile phone. If it’s getting older and older, you can change it. For that, this article is going to provide tips and notes to find out the age of your iPhone.

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To know the exact details and methods to know how old is your iPhone, follow the article.

Ways to Find How Old is Your iPhone

There are a few ways and methods to find out the old of your iPhone. For that, the article emphasizes two ways. There are,


  • Using Apple’s Check Coverage
  • Using Chipmunk Klantenservice

Before going to the methods, you need to know the serial numbers of your iPhone. Then only, you can easily identify the age of your iPhone with the following methods.

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How to Find the Serial number of your iPhone?

To easily identify the serial number of your iPhone, you have to find the steps on your iPhone device. For that, follow the simple steps.

Step 1

On your iPhone, you have to go to the Settings option.

Step 2

There, select the “General” option.

Step 3

You have to choose the “About” option.

Step 4

Now, you can make note of your serial number. It will visible on your about page.

Method 1: How to find iPhone’s age using Apple’s Check Coverage?

Once you know the serial number of your device, you can proceed with the first method. The initial way is to know the age of your iPhone, you can go with the Check Coverage method. So, here are the steps.

Step 1

The initial step is, you have to visit the webpage of Apple’s coverage website that on your iPhone or PC.

Step 2

You have to enter your serial number of iPhone and okay with CAPTCHA and select the Continue option.

Step 3

Now, you can view the whole details of your iPhone.

Step 4

From the option of Repairs and Service Coverage, you are able to view the Estimated Expiration Date of your iPhone.

Step 5

Apple provides one year of service coverage of your device. If you are crossed the one year, you are not able to view the estimated date. For that, you move on to the next method.

Method 2: How to find iPhone’s age using Chipmunk Klantenservice?

The next method is known as the third-party tool. To find the age of your iPhone, you have to use this third party tool of Chipmunk Klantenservice. This too wants a serial number of your iPhone. Here are the steps for you.

Step 1

First of all, you need to visit the website of Chipmunk on the proper browser.

Step 2

Here, you have to enter your serial number and select the “Show the Information” option.

Step 3

Now, you need to scroll down, in the end, you can view the entire particulars of your iPhone.

Step 4

There you can find the Production year and Production week. From that, you can calculate the age of your iPhone.


Is possible to find the age of the iPhone?

Yes, you can easily find the age of your iPhone. It’s possible.

How to find the age of the iPhone?

To find the age of your iPhone, there are two methods. The ways are Using Apple’s Check Coverage, Using Chipmunk Klantenservice. From these two methods and above steps, you can easily find your age of iPhone.

Is a serial number necessary to find the age of the iPhone?

The answer is Yes. You have to note down the serial number from your iPhone. The serial number is a very must to find out the age of the iPhone.

Final Verdict

There are numerous features and specifications on the iPhones. Nowadays, the growth and feature of the iPhone model increasing in a great way. From that, age plays a major role.

So, you need to concentrate on the age factor. The above subject and methods provide the basic notion to know the exact age of your iPhone. If you are worried about your iPhone’s age, you can easily check out the above subject. It will be very useful all the time. Hope this article brings you the best ways to find out the age of your iPhone.

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