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How Much Data Does Discord Use? [Complete Details]

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Data Usage of Discord: In this generation, everyone uses the Internet. Usually, we wish to use the applications without buffering, which means we want to access high-speed Internet. But, using high-speed Internet is not possible for everyone. So, they cannot get the best experience with the particular application. So, today we will explore how much data Discord uses in this article.

With this article, you can easily find the data usage of Discord, and it will help you avoid unnecessary data loss. However, suppose you use the data over the limitation. In that case, issues such as affecting your upload or downloading speed will arise. Also, sometimes, you cannot access the Internet or pay extra charges. So, here we show the data usage of Discord; through this article, you will get a clear idea about data usage. 

Discord’s Data Usage

Here is no official information about Discord’s data usage. So, we collect the data online from some websites. Also, you can use GlassWire. With this application, you can easily calculate the internet speed and usage and know how it consumes data. 

How Much Data Does Discord Use?

How Much Data Does Discord Use?

Recorded Data for Voice Chat for 5 Minutes

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Glasswire tracked 300kb of data, while normal voice calls with 3 to 10 people after 5 minutes. At the same time, voice chat will take 300kb after 5 minutes if you upload any files. 

Record Data for Voice Chat for 3 hours

Glasswire calculates 20 MB after 3 hours voice call with 3 to 10 members. It just takes low data when we compare it to Spotify. You can listen to 3 to 4 songs. In some cases, you may receive any files, images, videos, or documents from your friends, fellow students, or coworkers.

It will increase the usage of data. It consumes 200 MB of data while you receive the files. If you want to upload any files, the data usage of Discord rapidly increases.

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Estimate Data Usage After one day of Voice Chat

With Glasswire, we estimate the Voice chat data usage after 24 hours. It takes 200 MB approximately when you share limited files. 

Comparing other Popular Applications Data Usage to Discord

Now, we are going to compare Discord with some other famous applications. For example, as of our research, Netflix and YouTube consume respectively 500 MB to 1.5GB and 300 MB to 450 MB for 1 hour when you set a screen resolution of 1080p for Netflix and 720p for YouTube. With this information, you can quickly get the point that Discord will take a tiny amount of data only. 

Optimize and Reduce Discord Data Consumption

If you want to reduce the Discord consumption of Data, you can change some options on your Discord. To reduce your data, follow the below-given steps. 

Step 1:

Firstly, open the Discord and go to the User Settings option.

Step 2:

Then, select the Text & Images tab.

Here, you can see a lot of options to reduce the data. Just disable the below-given options to access the tiny amount of data.

  • Animation Stickers.
  • GIFs play when you open Discord. 
  • The image more extensive than 10 MB cannot preview that.
  • On the Chat, you can preview the website when pasting the link. 

If you cannot open your Discord and want to fix the issue, use our guide on How to Fix Discord Won’t Open? 


Discord is one of the best and popular platforms to stay with your friends anytime. But, in some cases, your Data is complete before the data cycle is complete. Discord consumes little data only when compared to other famous applications. Still, you want to reduce your Discord data, and you can set the Discord settings to reduce it. We hope this article helps you get the idea of Discord Data usage.

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