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What Channel is HBO MAX on U-verse? [2022]

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Start your day with amazing content. Streaming your desired content on a great platform will give your heart an immense feeling. Indeed, This article is entirely for those searching for tremendous streaming content on the big screen. Undoubtedly, HBO MAX is one of the well-known OTT platforms that broadcasts World Class movies—streaming its content on various media online and offline. After that, we will discuss HBO MAX available on U-verse, and after that, if HBO MAX is on the U-verse streaming service, then where can we stream HBO MAX content on U-verse media? Get ready to find the solutions to the above questions with the support of this article.


HBO MAX is an American OTT video streaming platform owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. Meanwhile, HBO MAX’s headquarters is located in New York City, New York, the United States. It served throughout the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. David Zaslav is the current President and CEO of HBO MAX. Casey Bloys is the Chief Content Officer of this subscription video-on-demand service. Warner Bros. Discovery Global Streaming and Interactive Entertainment is the Parent of HBO MAX. It was launched on May 27, 2020. The Predecessor of this network is HBO Go, HBO Now, Cinemax, DC Universe, FilmStruck, DramaFever, HBO Nordic, HBO Espana, and HBO Portugal.

An Overview of U-verse

U-verse is an Internet Protocol Television service by DirecTV. Therefore, It is also called AT&T U-verse. U-verse is part of three different brands by AT&T. The other two separate brands by AT&T are AT&T Phone and AT&T Internet. It served in selected States of America. Services of U-verse are Broadband Internet, Phone, and Television. The primary owners of U-verse are AT&T and TPG Capital, and DirecTV is the parent of U-verse. Presently, it is serving in 48 states of America.

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Subscription Plans of AT&T U-verse

AT&T U-verse offers four types of subscription plans to its subscribers, and the following are the four types of subscription packages U-verse: U-Family, U200, U300, and U450.

U-Family: This is the basic subscription package of U-verse plans. Low budget package to compare other subscription plans. It offers up to 200 channels at a monthly subscription cost of $35.00. It consists of local and music channels in its.

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U200: This is the second lowest subscription package of U-verse plans. It offers up to 360 channels at a monthly subscription cost of $55.00. In addition, it includes music and local channels in it.

U300: This is the second-highest subscription package of U-verse plans. It offers up to 500 channels at a monthly subscription cost of $60.00. It includes premium movies, sports packages, and local and music channels.

U450: This is the highest subscription package of U-verse plans. It offers up to 550 channels at a monthly subscription cost of $110.00. It provides local channels, music channels, premium movies, and sports packages with High-definition quality.

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On What Channel is HBO MAX on U-verse?

This is the root passage that pushes me to create this entire article. Because many people wanted to stream HBO MAX on the big screen. HBO MAX is an Over-the-top service based in America. And it is a streaming application in which we can watch this online content mode. The good news is we can stream its content on various platforms of HBO versions. So first, we will discuss the HBO MAX content availability. By luck, HBO MAX content is available on many streaming channels. Especially, in this section of this article will present the streaming channels that broadcast HBO MAX content. So don’t make any delay in reading the below table.

HBO MAX on U-verse
What Channel is HBO MAX on U-verse?
Channel Name Channel Number
HBO (Home Box Office) 802/ 1802 HD
HBO (Home Box Office) – West 803/ 1803 HD
HBO Comedy 810 / 1810 HD
HBO Comedy – West 811/ 1811 HD
HBO Family 806/ 1806 HD
HBO Family – West 807/ 1807 HD
HBO Latino 814/ 1814 HD
HBO Latino – West 815/ 1815 HD
HBO Signature 808/ 1808 HD
HBO Signature – West 809/ 1809 HD
HBO Zone 812/ 1812 HD
HBO Zone – West 813/ 1813 HD
HBO2 804/ 1804 HD
HBO2 – West 805/ 1805 HD

Undoubtedly, Now you can watch HBO MAX content on the above streaming channels on your big screen. Do you want to stream the best movies on HBO MAX? If your answer is YES! please skim through the passage below without delay.

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Popular Shows of HBO MAX

Firstly, This section of this article will help you find the famous HBO MAX shows. Undoubtedly, HBO MAX is a house of movies, series, and entertaining content. Movies of HBO MAX is a World Class creation. Additionally, it broadcasts all the movies in HD quality. So this is the great thing to watch the HBO MAX movies. Following are the best movies of HBO MAX:

  • Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Returns to Hogwarts
  • Tokyo Vice
  • Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin
  • The Flight Attendant
  • Our Flag Means Death

Therefore, The above list is undoubtedly redirected into the fabulous creations in HBO MAX. All the movies from the list are from the most popular Cinemas in the Hollywood World. So don’t miss watching the above films.

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At last, Only this article ends now, but HBO MAX content hasn’t ended. HBO MAX is an American online streaming service that includes tons and tons of unique movies, series, shows, etc. Therefore, HBO services are the number one streaming outlet all over the World. Meanwhile, U-verse is one of the best television services that offers many advantages with this subscription package. Furthermore, It provides many local channels, music channels, premium movies, and sports packages. I hope this article helped you find more exciting content about HBO MAX and U-verse. After that, we will meet you in other great content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel HBO MAX anytime?

Undoubtedly, you can cancel your HBO MAX at any time. First, choose your profile which is located in the upper right, then select Settings to find a subscription. After that, choose the subscription, and select Cancel Subscription to cancel your subscription anytime. Unfortunately, there is no refund policy if you cancel your HBO MAX subscription. However, you can continue streaming until the end of your billing period if you cancel your subscription. Note that deleting the HBO MAX won’t cancel your subscription bill.

Is HBO MAX offer Free Trial?

Unfortunately, most HBO providers don’t offer a free trial to their new subscribers. But the good news about Hulu provides one month’s free trial for its users. So first, sign up through your Hulu or Hulu + Live TV memberships. Second, go to your account and find the section to manage your add-ons after finding the add-ons that consist of HBO MAX. Now you can choose your free trial on HBO MAX. In addition, you can get two month free trial of HBO MAX when you sign up for a DIRECTV STREAM subscription.

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