How to Fix HBO Max not Working on PS4? [Try this Fix First]

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Fix HBO Max not working on PS4: Hello Guys! Nowadays, plenty of services are available to stream your favorite content. Among those services, HBO Max is one of them. With HBO Max, you can stream all your favorites as well as the latest content. Also, it provides HBO content too.

Additionally, you can stream Max Originals on your HBO Max pack. It is an American Subscription-based service, as well as its subscription fee, is also pocket-friendly. At the same time, it is available on most devices. Likewise, HBO Max is available on PlayStation 4. Yeah! In beginning, PlayStations are only used to playing games.

Now you can stream all your favorite content like Movies, TV shows, and so on. PlayStation allows its users to watch on-demand videos too. But, still, some users report that they cannot access HBO Max on their PlayStation 4. There are various reasons for your HBO Max not working.

We may not accurately why the HBO Max is not working properly. Don’t worry, with our guide you can easily fix your HBO Max problem. So, keep reading this article to the end and resolve your HBO max problem easily. 

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How to Fix HBO Max not working on PS4?

As said before, there are a lot of reasons for your HBO Max does not work. So, in this article, we are going to discuss some common solutions to resolve the HBO Max issue on your PlayStation 4. Try the below-given methods to rectify the HBO Max problem simply.

HBO Max Not Working on PS4
How to Fix HBO Max Not Working on PS4?

Method 1: Check the HBO Max Servers 

Firstly, you have to check the status of your HBO Max server. You may face any other problem on HBO Max such as connection failed whatever it is, you have to check the Server first. It is one of the most important procedures.

To check that, you can use a third-party application that is named Downdetector. With Downdetector, you can easily check the server status for HBO Max, Facebook, Netflix, and so on.

If your HBO Max server has any issues, then you have to wait for some time until the server goes back online. You can use the upcoming methods to resolve your HBO Max problem, in case there is no problem on HBO Max. 

Method 2: Try Some other Shows on HBO Max

Sometimes, some particular shows are not available on PlayStations. In this case, you can try any other shows on the media library to confirm the problem. In case, you cannot stream any shows on HBO Max, then you can report the issue to the HBO Max team. 

Method 3: Re-Login to HBO Max Account

In some cases, bugs may occur on your HBO Max. Because of this problem, you cannot access the app and can not stream your favorites. You may face any difficulties to use the HBO Max application. To solve all these problems, you can sign out of your account and again log in to it. To do this sign-out and sign-in process, you can use the below guide.

Step 1:

Initially, you have to sign in to your HBO Max account on your Browser.

Step 2:

Then, click on the Profile icon.

Step 3:

After that, select the Manage Devices option.

Step 4:

Now, find your PS4 from the list and select the Sign Out option to leave from the HBO Max.

After the Sign out process, you can sign in to HBO Max again. Now, you can use the HBO Max application without any interruptions.

Method 4: Check your Internet and Reset it

If you want to stream HBO Max content on your PS4, your internet bandwidth should be above 5 Mbps. HBO Max needs at least 5 Mbps bandwidth to perform without any issues. So, you have to check your Internet speed still face trouble on HBO max.

To check Internet speed, you can use It will detect your Internet speed correctly. In case, your internet is slow or unstable, restart your router to get a better experience. Still, your internet is slow, contact your service provider and complaint about the internet speed.

Method 5: Restart your PS4

Restarting is one of the best solutions to fix the trouble on your devices. It will eradicate all the temporary bugs from all its files and help to access your application without any interruptions. To Restart your PS4, follow the below-given steps.

Step 1:

Firstly, On your PlayStation 4, go to the Main Screen.

Step 2:

Then, select the Power Tab.

Step 3:

Lastly, select the Restart PS4 option. Also, click on the back or Enter button to Restart your console.

Method 6: Update your PS4

Updating your console is another best option to fix the bug. Sometimes, you need to update your devices to access some options. So, check the update and update it, it will help you to fix your HBO Max issue. To update PS4, follow the below steps.

Step 1:

Initially, go to the Settings option on your PS4.

Step 2:

Then, select the System Software Update.

Step 3:

Now, click on the Update Now button.

Step 4:

After that, follow the on-screen instructions properly and update your console to the latest version.

Method 7: Update HBO Max

At the same time, you have to check the HBO Max updates too. To access HBO Max on your PlayStation 4, updating the app is the most important thing. To update your HBO max, use the below-given steps.

Step 1:

On your PS4, go to the Home screen and select the HBO Max.

Step 2:

Then, on your Controller, select the Options button to access the Side Menu.

Step 3:

Finally, select the Check for Update option.

Step 4:

Click on the O or X button to confirm the updation.

Method 8: Reinstall HBO Max

Update the HBO Max is not working for you, then you can choose the Reinstall option. Sometimes, your HBO max files may be corrupted due to server or failed updation issues. In this case, reinstallation will help you to fix the HBO Max problem.

Step 1:

Initially, find the HBO Max from the library. 

Step 2:

Then, select the Options button on your PS4 controller.

Step 3:

Now, click on the Delete button and select the O or X button to confirm.

Method 9: Reset your PlayStation Settings

In PlayStations, we may change any settings for gaming purposes. It is never suitable for streaming services. Also, it will affect your HBO Max. To reset your Settings default, you can use the below steps.

Step 1:

Initially, on your console, go to the Settings option.

Step 2:

Then, select the Initialize PS4 button.

Step 3:

After that, to confirm, click on the O or X button on your controller.

Step 4:

Finally, select the Restore Default Settings option.

Method 10: Try Ethernet Cable.

Sometimes, HBO Max does not receive enough signals from your network. In this case, you can connect your app to the router directly using Ethernet Cable to avoid signal interruption. It will help you to connect with a better internet connection. After that, go back to the HBO max application and start accessing it.

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Fix HBO Max is a simple method. You can use the above-given methods to resolve your HBO Max not working on PS4. Still, your HBO Max not working, then contact the Help center and complain about your problem. On the report, you have to mention all your account details and what is the problem with your HBO Max app as well as attach the screenshot with that. It will work for you to fix HBO Max’s troubles.

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