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How to Enable and Fix Gpedit.msc Not Found in Windows 10/7

This is an article on how to enable and fix Gpedit.msc which is not found. Basically, people have many troubles in using Windows or Computers. You can easily make use of this Gpedit to get more and more special features. For that, This Gpedit helps the people in a great manner. Are you interested to know the entire information of this gpedit.msc? Let’s see the whole details of Gpedit, the methods to enable and, the steps to fix the credit. So, scroll down and read the entire content.

Gpedit.msc Not Found on Windows

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Gpedit.msc means Group Policy Editor. It is to configure the windows with all the manageable settings. This is a very easy and comfortable tool for people that get rid of the troubles. The user can use all the different aspects of the Windows Operating System through this software. This is applicable for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro. There is only one difference between them both is the management capabilities of the network.

But, mainly it’s compatible with Windows 10 edition. If you are getting any mistakes you can use this group policy editor. This is the main authority tool to use settings on the computers or networks. If you are having any operating systems, you can use Gpedit.msc settings and applications.

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How to Enable and Fix Gpedit.msc not found on Windows?

Enable and Fix Gpedit.msc Not Found
Enable and Fix Gpedit.msc Not Found

Initially, to enable the group policy editor, there are three methods. Let’s see one by one.


To get more prominent setting options you have to install the Gpedit.msc. So, do follow the easy steps to install.

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STEP1: On the following link of GPEdit Enabler for Windows 10 Home Edition in the enabler script.

STEP2: Then, you have to download the gpedit-enabler.bat file and enter the Run as Administrator

STEP3: It will take some time, after the installation you can open the command on your window.

STEP4: You have to restart when you are required, otherwise it’s no need.


This method is as same as the first method. But, you have to download the Microsoft.Com manually. So, note down the steps properly.

STEP1: First of all, download the Group Policy Editor for Windows 10 Home Edition. It consists of the two files of Setup.Exe and gpedit_enabler.bat.

STEP2: Now, you have to select the setup.exe and Microsoft.Net, and then you should install it.

STEP3: After the installation process is over, click the right option of gpedit-enabler.bat and enter the Run as Administrator option.

STEP4: There is a note on, if you have gpedit already, you are an enabler here.

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METHOD 3: How to Enable Gpedit.msc Using Policy plus

  • This method is easy and comfortable settings and tools to access and tweak your computer for everyone.
  • After you open this software, you include Control Panel, Desktop, Network, Printers, Server, Shared Folders, Start Menu and Taskbar, System, and Windows Components.
  • Here, you can choose any of the section and tweak with a description of what you want. This Windows Group Policy plus an editor will help you more and more.

Final Verdict

So, from beginning to end, the article is filled with more and more information about gpedit.msc which is known as Group Policy Editor. This is important and configures the tool for all managing systems. You can use this software for your Windows 10 system issues and then more system features. I hope this article will help you when you are in need.

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