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How to Get Someone’s IP from Discord? [Complete Guide]

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Get Someone’s IP from Discord: Hey Guys! You may know about Discord which is one of the fast-growing as well as popular platforms. With Discord, you can connect with thousands of people without any restrictions.

As well you can communicate with your gaming friends even while playing games. Yeah! it is possible with Discord. You can chat with your friends or command about games during play. Are you excited to try this? To do this, you just have to do one thing.

That is, go through this article to the end without any skipping. Normally, communicating with our friends and playing games is actually fun fill entertainment. Now, you have an option to try this with your teammates, try this with our guides. 

Discord’s Secure Hardware

Some games are asking for an IP address to connect to your friends. For example, if you want to play Minecraft, it will ask for an IP address. Finding an IP address is easy if you are a technoid. In case, you didn’t know how to find the IP address, just chill.

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Get Someone's IP from Discord

How to Get Someone’s IP from Discord?

With our article, you can easily get it. But the exact answer for getting someone’s IP address from Discord is No, you cannot get it directly from Discord. Discord is too secure a platform, so there is no way to get an IP address.

Discord is completely designed using Transport Layer Security and more technologies to secure their user’s data. Additionally, Discord only holds all its servers, it is one more protective layer. So, Discord always protects its users from hackers and scammers. So, you cannot get your friend’s IP address from Discord. 

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Still, you can play your favorite games with an IP address. You cannot only find the IP address from Discord but here is another option to get the IP address.

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How to Get Someone’s IP from Discord?

As said Before, you can easily get the IP address. Also, you can play combined games with your friends. Here is a lot of Third-party websites are available to find the IP address. They will find the computer’s public IP address automatically. If you want to do this, you need help from your partner.

Step 1:

Firstly, send a link to your friend.

Step 2:

Open the link and Copy the IP Address.

Step 3:

Then, send the IP address to your Discord.

Finally, you got your partner’s ID address. Use the IP address and enjoy your favorite combined game. 

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Discord is a highly secured platform. Getting an IP address from this platform is too challenging. But, you can use any reliable third-party website to do this. You can hide the link by using any URL shorteners. Also, you can use the above-given procedure to find your gaming partner’s IP address. After getting the IP, you can play with your friend easily.

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