How to Get Discord Token? [2023]

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Get Discord Token: Hey, People! Discord is one of the best and most popular chatting platforms. You can easily communicate with your Gaming friends and other Discord users. Day by day its user count is increasing rapidly. As well it offers a lot of features to its users. You can access all its features.

Likewise, if you want to get Discord Token, you can. Yeah? Discord Token is a phrase of numbers and letters. It is an Authorization Code, and it allows you to access Discord servers. Also, it helps to encrypt your username and password. If you want to get your Discord Token, read our article completely.

With this article, you will get the best guide to accessing your Discord Tokens. Before going to the steps, you have to note one thing, Discord Admins or staff never ask for your token or Password. So, don’t share your password with anyone. Let’s dive into the article to learn the procedure to get Discord Token easily. 

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How to Get Discord Token using Desktop?

You can use your Desktop browser to get Discord Tokens. Also, you can use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Follow the below procedure without skipping.

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Get Discord Token
How to Get Discord Token?

Step 1: 

On your Desktop, go to the official Discord website and log in to your account.

Open the Discord Account
Open the Discord Account

Step 2:

Then, go to the Developer Tools tab.

Developer Tools
Developer Tools

Step 3:

You can use F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I shortcuts to access these tools.

Step 4:

Click on the F12 button, and you will get the side panel. It has different types of tabs.

Press F12
Press F12

Step 5:

Now, select the Application option.

Select Application
Select Application

Step 6:

Then, go to the Storage on your left side. 

Step 7:

Expand the Local Storage option and select

Go to Storage options
Go to Storage options

Step 8:

Now, you will be turned to the page which contains a lot of keys and values.

Step 9:

Among these, you can see a search option. Using the Search option, type the token.

Type Token on the search place
Type Token on the search place

Note: Sometimes, you could not get the right results, but it’s okay. It normal.

Step 10:

You can also click on the Toggle Device toolbar on your right corner to find the tokens.

Toogle Device Toolbar
Toggle Device Toolbar

Step 11:

Use the Ctrl+Shift+M shortcut and right-click the value.

Step 12:

Then, click on the select edit value option and copy it.

Step 13:

Finally, click on the cross button or F12 button to close the developer’s tools panel.

Press F12
Press F12

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That’s all about Getting Discord Token. But be careful, never share your token with anyone. If you share tokens, it may lead to security issues. Because Tokens are used to encrypt your password. Also, getting Tokens is a simple method. You can use the above-given guide to find the Tokens on your Discord in an easy manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to Find My Discord Token On Mobile?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to find your Discord token on your mobile. Seemingly, you cannot access the developer tools on the Discord mobile app. So, the Discord browser version is the only way to find the Discord token.

Can I give out my Discord Token to a friend?

Seemingly, you can find the Discord token easily. But, scammers and malicious actors often attempt to steal it using malware. Suppose you would like to save your account from them, don’t give it out, and don’t click on suspicious links or downloads.

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