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How to Get and Play Game Pigeon on Android? [Updated 2022]

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Game Pigeon on Android: Are you an iOS user? If you are searching for a better offline multiplayer game, you are in the right place. Game Pigeon is a collection of games made to have fun with your family and friends. This game has become very popular like a rapid-fire in recent times.

There is a thing to bring both happy and sad expressions on your face. That is the Game Pigeon is an iOS-only game. This means that the game can be downloaded only on devices running on iOS and macOS. Then obviously it is impossible to play this ‘GamePigeon’ game on Android platforms.

Texting is also a part of this game. Well, you can add some spice to your conversation by adding Game Pigeon to it. Let’s see is it possible to get Game Pigeon on Android in the following content. 

What is Game Pigeon?

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In simple words, Game Pigeon is a collection of games that is available for iOS and macOS users. Seemingly the sad part is that it is not available for Android users. This respective game is solely designed for Apple device users. It makes use of the iMessage app.

Using which you can get rid of boring conversations. As I said earlier, GamePigeon is not a single game. It is a single app with a lot of games. You can access and play a lot of games like 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 20 Questions, Anagrams, Chess, Crazy 8, Knockout, and much more.

This app is entirely free for iOS device users to install and play. Many people have been asking that how to get Game Pigeon on Android? Read the following article to get the complete details regarding it. 

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Is Game Pigeon officially available on Android?

Let’s start with the app. The Game Pigeon app was officially released in the year 2016 and Vitalii Zlotskii was the developer of this game. Certainly, the main thing to notice is that this app is developed and launched exclusively for iPhone and macOS users.

It is evident that this game is not available to play on Android platforms. With the latest iOS update, the Game Pigeon app got the ability to use the iMessage functionality. By which people were able to expand their connection with more interesting conversations regarding the game.

Accordingly, within a short period, the game has got a tremendous success rate. Certainly using the messaging functionality you can invite more of your friends into the game. As we have seen earlier, the Game Pigeon is a single app that is loaded with many games.

So, automatically it reduces downloading too many games. Coming to the question, Is Game Pigeon officially available on Android?. Well, the answer is No. But after a lot of research, we have been here with some workarounds for you.

How to Get Game Pigeon on Android?

Game Pigeon on Android

How to Get Game Pigeon on Android?

Here we are going to discuss the possible workaround to get the Game Pigeon on your Android device. As the game makes use of the iMessage app make sure you have an Apple ID and Password to complete the process without any hassle.

Remember that entering into the process is like keeping a big step. We suggest you people have a backup of the data on your Android mobile. If you are ready, now we shall enter the process. 

Step 1:

Initially, you have to download the WeMessage app on your Android device and Mac. 

Step 2:

Then download the latest version of Java Development Kit 9. 

Step 3:

Now install the previously downloaded kit on your Mac.

Step 4:

Open the Accessibility tab on your Mac and add the downloaded terminal kit there.

Step 5:

While running the terminal for the first time it will ask you to enter the Apple ID and Password.

Step 6:

Use the same Apple credentials to log in to the WeMessage app on your Android device. 

Step 7:

If the details are correct, your Android device will successfully connect to the Mac.

Step 8:

Now, either you can test it by sending a message from your iOS device or ask your friends to send a Game Pigeon request to you. 

How to Play Game Pigeon on Android?

Once you have got the WeMessage app on your Android device successfully you can start playing any Game Pigeon game as you wish. The only thing that is remaining is the game request from any of your iOS device using friends. By clicking on the game request you can start playing the respective game with your friends.

As the games on this platform require a minimum of two players you can easily join with your friends in the game. Certainly, the following section gives you the methods on how to play certain games on the GamePigeon app. 

How to Play Knockout on GamePigeon on Android?

To say about the Knockout game, it is a ball passing and goal setting game. Players will eventually be passing the ball from one line to another line. The opposite team will be in charge of knocking out the person with the ball. You can easily access this game by tapping on the Knockout game request sent by your friend.

How to Play Sea Battle on Game Pigeon on Android?

Playing Sea Battle in Game Pigeon is similar to playing pirate games. Here your main task is to arrange the ships in the correct order. Once you are locked in an apt position you can point and shoot the ship of your friend. So everything relies on your strategy and skill. Either open the app on your device and choose the Sea Battle game or click on the game request to play the game.

How to Play Tanks on GamePigeon on Android?

Tanks is an action and shooting game. Similar to the sea battle game here in this game you have to move your Tanks in an order. Once you are ready to attack, you have to point and click the fire button to drop the bomb on your enemy’s tank. You can access the Tanks game straight away from the iMessage app on iPhone or WeMessage app on Android.


Is Game Pigeon available on Android?

Unfortunately, the Game Pigeon is an iOS-only game. So it is only possible to download and play on iOS and macOS devices. 

Is Game Pigeon only for iPhone?

Yes, as of now it is possible to get Game Pigeon only on the devices that are running on iOS and macOS software.


I hope now you would have understood about the Game Pigeon game. It is an iPhone-only game and not available on Android or Google play store. Seemingly it does not mean that it is not possible to get the app on Android platforms. We have clearly mentioned some of the possible workarounds using which there is a chance to get and play the Game Pigeon app on Android. 

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