What Channel is FS1 on Dish? [Updated 2022]

FS1 on Dish: Hey Sports lovers! Don’t think about the rough road; think about the beautiful destination. Similarly, finding your favorite channel is a little tricky when there are a lot of options in your service. But, once you find the channel from your service, you can enjoy all your favorite shows endlessly.

So, this article speaks about FS1 on your Dish network. Fox Sports 1 is one of the most popular television channels where you get all your favorite Sports content from all genres. The Dish is a television provider; it offers numerous channels to its users. Let’s explore more amazing facts about FS1 on your Dish network.

What Channel is FS1 on Dish?

Millions of Sports streaming services are available to offer your favorite Sports shows. But, Do you think watching all kinds of sports shows in a single service is a simple thing? This article will make it possible. Yeah! Now, you can watch sports shows and matches from all categories is achievable with FS1.

FS1 is an American pay television channel controlled by Fox Sports Media Group. It offers numerous sports-related content to its users, such as Sports News, Updates, highlights, match schedules, and so on. Also, you can stream live matches too. With FS1, you can watch Baseball, Boxing, Basketball, Bowling, Horse racing, Soccer, Rugby union, Professional wrestling, Motorsports, Dog shows, Futsal, Golf, College events, and so on. 

FS1 on Dish
What Channel is FS1 on Dish?

The Dish is one of the American television providers; it is also known as Dish Network. The Dish is a subscription-based service; you can pay a minimum amount of fee to stream its channels on your desirable devices. Also, Dish provides wireless services for mobiles. 

From the below-given list, you can easily find the FS1 channel number from your Dish network. So, let’s see the channel number for Fox Sports1 on Dish.

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Channel Name Channel Number
FS1 150

FS1 offers tons of content and popular shows to its subscribers. Now, you can access FS1 on your desirable device using your existing Dish network. Here we mention some of the FS1 popular shows.

  • Speak for yourself
  • First Things First
  • TMZ Sports
  • Lock it In


How much does FS1 cost on Dish?

FS1 is a subscription-based sports streaming service. But there is not necessary to subscribe to FS1 to stream its content on Dish. Instead, you will get the FS1 shows on your desirable devices with Dish’s subscription.


Through this write-up, you will get the best guide to finding your FS 1 channel from your Dish service. With a Dish subscription, you will get a lot of entertaining and exciting sports shows from Fox Sports 1.

You may face some difficulties finding and picking the channel from your Dish option, but now you can easily choose your favorite FS 1 shows on your Dish network and stream it with your friends and family. Also, you can keep all the Sports news and information at your fingertips with the help of FS1. Make use of the early mentioned table to get the FS1 channel on your Dish network.

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