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What Channel is FS1 on DirecTV? [2023]

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Hello Sports enthusiast! Are you waiting for content relating to sports? If yes, then your wait is over. After hooking on to the hectic day, your eyes might look for some relaxation. Suppose if it was your favorite sport then definitely you will be on cloud nine right! Watching FS1 on DirecTV will give double your happiness.

In this article, we will discuss some interesting topics about Sports. So, come and join us and travel through the deep of the article.


DirecTV is one of the American video programming distributors which was launched on 17th June 1994. In the beginning, this service was named The DirecTV Group, Inc. The DirecTV service is controlled by the company of AT&T and TPG In, and you can access it in various areas. For instance, the Caribbean, the United States, and Latin America.

With the DirecTV service, you will get numerous channel collections from all genres. It offers all kinds of channels like movies, sports, local channels, reality TV, and so on. Some channels on DirecTV service are A&E, AMC, BBC America, Comedy Central, Food Network, Fyi, IFC, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, NickJr, TLC, CNBC, CNN, Fox Business, ACCN, ESPN, FS1, MLB, NBA League Pass and much more. In addition, you will get Premium channels too, such as Cinemax, Epix, HBO Family, ShowTime, Starz, etc.

You can subscribe to DirecTV using four different subscription plans. They are,

  • Entertainment – This is a basic plan where you can get 165+ channels just for $64.99 per month.
  • Choice – With this choice plan, you will get 200+ channels, and it is the perfect choice for Sports collections. The subscription cost of the Choice plan is $69.99 per month.
  • Ultimate – Ultimate is the best plan for families, it offers 270+ channels to its subscribers. Also, you can purchase this DirecTV Ultimate plan for $89.99 per month.
  • Premier – This is a DirecTV premium plan where you can find numerous channel collections and Premium channels like Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and so on. The subscription cost of the Premier pack is $139.99 for a month.

Visiting the DirecTV official website before subscribing to it is recommended. Because the above-mentioned subscription may differ in the upcoming days.

What Channel is FS1 on DirecTV?

As everyone knows that the Fox Sports 1 is the most popular pay-tv service in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Carrabiean Areas. Moreover, this channel streams live sports events exclusively for its viewers.

However, this channel streams major sports events which include Premier Boxing, League Baseball Games, FIFA Fustel World Cups, NCAA Basketball, PBA Tours, USGA Championships.

This channel also includes events like Major League Rugby, international and national soccer, Horse Racing, motorsports, NBA World Championships, and Westminister kennel club dog, etc. Hence, this channel is one of the best channels for the person who thinks sports is everything.

FS1 on DirecTV

What Channel is FS1 on DirecTV?

When you add FS1 to your daily entertainment then you can definitely feel the stadium experience in your living room. Are you a DirecTV user? Would you like to have a stadium experience at home?

Then we were here to present you with a helping hand, would you like to obtain it. Then continue reading the complete article. After reading this article, is it tempting you to watch the FS1 channel?

Don’t worry, we will never make our readers search the content. As we will provide you handful of information to you all. If yes, then you can view the channel number in the upcoming table and can start streaming the channel on your DirecTV.

[table id=42 /]

Final Verdict

Hope this article will satisfy all your needs. This channel is best for all sports lovers. And watching it on DirecTV will enhance your experience. DirecTV offers quality channels to its users and also offers various sports content to its viewers.

If you like to have a stadium experience at home then make sure to stream this channel on your DirecTV and have some crunchy snacks with it. Also, refer to other articles to know more about content relating to entertainment.


What channel is FS1 on DirecTV?

The users can switch on to the sports channel by viewing channel number 219 on your DirecTV and can stream their favorite sports events.

How much does it cost for the FS1 channel on DirecTV?

This exclusive sports channel is absolutely free of cost where you can watch it on DirecTV by using the given channel number.

Is FS1 still available on DirecTV?

Yes, this channel is still available on DirecTV, you can get this channel by subscribing to any of their DirecTV packages.

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