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What Channel is FS1 on Cox? [Updated Guide 2022]

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FS1 on Cox: Hello World! Don’t wait for the perfect moment; take a moment and make it perfect. Similarly, now, you need not wait for the best source to access FS1 on your device. Hereafter, you can use your existing Cox service to enjoy FS1 shows on your smart devices.

FS1 is a one-stop stadium to stream your favorite sports shows. Also, it will offer you a lot of sports-related shows. Especially, Cox will allow you to stream FS1 with its active subscription. This article will explain all the information about FS1 on the Cox network. So, keep reading this article to the end to learn more about FS1.

What Channel is FS1 on Cox?

Streaming sports shows on the big screen is one of the best exciting entertainment. Now, you can get all the Sports content on your device with a single service. The service is named Fox Sports1, which is also known as FS1. It covers all kinds of sports content; in simple words, FS1 provides sports shows from all categories. 

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Fox Sports1 is an American pay-TV channel; you have to pay a certain amount of subscription fee to stream its content on your device. With FS1, you will get the match highlights, Live matches, Match schedules, and so on. It provides a lot of sports shows from various sports such as Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, Rugby union, Motorsports, Futsal, Horse racing, Dog shows, and more. Additionally, you can stream college sports events too. 

FS1 on Cox

What channel is FS1 on Cox?

Cox is an American cable TV provider, which is the third-largest cable television provider in the United States of America. You can get a lot of channels with Cox’s active subscriptions. Finding the appropriate channel number for FS1 is not a simple procedure when there are numerous channels in the list. In this case, you can use the upcoming table to get the FS1 channel on your Cox service without any extra work.

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Channel NameChannel Number
FOX Sports 1 HD1329

There are plenty of sports shows available on FS1. You can stream live matches, highlights, scores, and so on with FS1. Additionally, it will provide numerous popular shows to its users. Here, we show some of the famous shows from FS1.

  • First Things First
  • Lock it In
  • Speak for yourself
  • TMZ sports


Is FS1 a subscription-based service?

Yes. Fox Sports1 is a pay television channel, so you have to pay a fee to stream its content on your desirable devices. But, you can access FS1 content on your device using the Cox network without extra pay.


FS1 is a sports streaming service where you can stream all your favorite sports shows. Now, you can easily watch FS1 shows on Cox service without any limitations. This article will help you to find the Fox Sports1 channel on your desirable service effortlessly. 

You will get all kinds of information about sports events with FS1. We hope this article provides all details about the FS1 channel on Cox service with a simple table. Enjoy your favorite sports shows on the big screen with your friends and family.

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