What Channel is the French Open on Spectrum?

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AFrench Open on Spectrum: Tennis tournaments are lined up to start at the end of May. Are you a Tennis Fan? This article will be a gift for you because we are going to discuss the channels and channel numbers on which this year’s French Open on Spectrum is going to stream.

Are you wondering about French Open? This article also solves the doubt related to the game and Spectrum TV subscription details for your convenience. Let us get started to know about everything one by one.

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What Channel is the French Open on Spectrum?

French Open 2023 Tournament is about to start. The schedule for the event is fixed from May 22 and the final will be played on June 11. All set for the Tournament but how do you watch it?

Have you bought your tickets? No need to spend money on buying tickets while the live action will be available on your Door Step. Have you got the meaning of this phrase?

Yes, the French Open can be viewed on your TV with a Spectrum TV Service Provider connection. We are going to reveal the answer on which channel the French Open on Spectrum TV is streaming.

Official Broadcasters like NBC Sports, Peacock, Bally Sports, and Tennis Channel are currently available in the Channel lineup of Spectrum TV. Let us see the channel numbers of these channels that stream the French Open on Spectrum in the upcoming points.

French Open on Spectrum
What Channel is the French Open on Spectrum?
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Streaming Service – Spectrum

Channel Name – NBC (National Broadcasting Company) Sports Channel

Channel Number – 54 for Standard Definition (SD) and 206 for High Definition (HD)

Region Name – Columbia

Airing on – 29

Region Name – Billings

Airing on – 96

Region Name – Carson City

Airing on – 31

Channel Name – Tennis Channel

Airing On – 406

Channel Name – Bally Sports

Airing On- Not specific, varies according to region as it is a regional channel.

The mentioned channel numbers may be subject to changes with respect to your region. It will be fine if you once verify on the official website of Spectrum with your Zip Code.

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Final Thoughts

Thus, the end of our article. It is all about the channels that stream the French Open on Spectrum.

Remember that, you can watch the French Open on the NBC Sports channel on channel number 54 and 206, Tennis Channel on channel number 406, and also in Regional Sports Channel called Bally Sports.

Peacock TV is available with a subscription to any of the plans provided by Spectrum because it is a streaming service app. Hope you got a clear idea of the channels of the French Open on Spectrum, don’t forget to tune in.

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