What Channel is the French Open on DirecTV?

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French Open on DirecTV: What brings you here? Yes of course I know the answer. You are here in search of the channel on which the French Open on DirecTV is going to stream. Am I correct? Don’t worry you are in the place where you get the correct answer to your question.

This topic is about the Channels and Channel numbers that stream the French Open on DirecTV this year. Before going into this topic, let us discuss some points about the French Open Tournament.

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What Channel is the French Open on DirecTV?

The French Open on DirecTV can be viewed through the channels of NBC Sports, Peacock, Tennis Channel, and Bally Sports. These channels of the official broadcasting partners in the United States of the French Open tournament.

As you are a user of the DirecTV Television service, you have multiple choices to view the French Open on DirecTV. The one and only thing you have to do is choose the appropriate subscription pack that contains the above-mentioned sports channels.

Are you curious to know about the channel numbers of these channels? Yes, we are right away going to reveal the answer to this in the next para, for that you have to scroll down and wait to read it.

French Open on DirecTV
What Channel is the French Open on DirecTV?

Streaming Service – DirecTV

Channel Name – Tennis Channel

Airing On – 217

Channel Name – NBC Sports

Region Name – NBC Sports Washington

Airing On – 642

Region Name – NBC Sports Chicago

Airing On – 665

Region Name – NBC Sports Bay Area

Airing On – 696

Region Name – NBC Sports California

Airing On – 698

Channel Name – Bally Sports

Region Name – Bally Sports South

Airing on – 646

Region Name – Bally Sports North

Airing on – 668

Region Name – Bally Sports Midwest

Airing on – 671

Region Name – Bally Sports West

Airing on – 692

Note: Peacock Premium is available to access as an add-on network at a low cost if you have a DirecTV Subscription account. Peacock TV is also one of the broadcasters of the French Open 2023.

I have given some examples to indicate that the channel numbers of these channels vary according to the region. I hereby request you to check the official website of DirecTV’s Channel Lineup before tuning into the respective channel.

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Wrapping Up

Hey DirecTV users, hope you feel happy and satisfied with the information given in this article of knowing what channel is the French Open on DirecTV.

I have provided all the details about the availability of the French Open on DirecTV. Once again I am going to recall all those points here for your easy accessibility.

You can watch the French Open on Direc TV on the channels NBC Sports, Tennis Channel, and Bally Sports which are the Satellite channels that stream French Open. Peacock is not a cable channel it is a streaming service, which is available on DirecTV as a Premium pack to add on with the subscription account.

The channel numbers may change with respect to your region. We have given some channel numbers, once verify it on the official website for more information about it. That’s all with this topic enjoy watching the French Open game from May 22.

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