What Channel is FOX on Mediacom? [2023]

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FOX on Mediacom: Our day-to-day life is molded more so by Entertainment. Just think how true the statement is. Presently we are on a busy schedule. No one can refuse this thing. We can’t find time to entertain ourselves. But the television World is growing faster than we. It satisfies our loggings on Entertainment. First, think a minute about what entertainment is in the television World. Meanwhile, It’s based on a different source. It’s about movies, series, animation, sports, news, etc. Do you believe all the entertainment forms in a single platform? My answer to the above question is YES! The single platform is none other than FOX Network. We can’t find any limitations in FOX Network. Jump to the article below to know more details about FOX Channel and how to stream FOX on Mediacom.

A Crisp of FOX

FOX Channel is an American-based commercial broadcast network owned by Fox Corporation Company. Fox entertainment is the Parent of the FOX channel. Charlie Collier is the Chief Executive Officer of this television network. The headquarters of the FOX network is located at 1211 Avenue of the Americans, New York City, New York, the United States. It was founded on October 9, 1986, and was first aired on October 9, 1986. Rupert MurdochBarry Diller is the founder of this streaming channel. Formerly it was called as FBC network. It is a full-pack television network that broadcasts Adult animation, Children’s programming, News, and Sports. In addition, it served as FOX HD and Video-On-Demand services. FOX has an additional office located in Los Angles. FOX is the most watched television network in the United States.

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A Brief Note on Mediacom

Mediacom is a private cable television provider in the United States. It is a telecommunications-based basic cable, digital cable, high-speed data, broadband Internet access, and cable telephony. The foundation period of Mediacom is July 1995 and founded by Rocco B. Commisso. The main office is located in Blooming Grove, New York. Currently, it serves Midwest and Southeastern United States. The owner of Mediacom, Rocco B. Commisso, is the chairman of Mediacom. Additionally, Mediacom operates the services like Mediacom LLC, Mediacom Broadband LLC, Mediacom Business, and On Media.

Mediacom serves around 22 states like Albany, Columbus, Tifton, Valdosta, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Columbia, Jefferson City, Springfield, Quad Cities, Baldwin City, Osage City, Lyndon, Douglas County, Osage County, Shawnee County, Florida Gulf Coast, Minnesota, and Minneapolis. Mediacom is the second largest television service in Illinois and the largest cable company in Iowa. Currently, it holds 1.4 million subscribers around America.

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On What Channel is FOX on Mediacom?

Now we are precisely in an essential section of this article. This portion of this article will help you to find the exact channel number on FOX on Mediacom. Firstly, we must see if the FOX channel is available on Mediacom. Don’t worry; we will enter the availability details of the FOX streaming channel on Mediacom television provider without forgetting. Yes! FOX is on Mediacom, without any doubt. Now your only work is to read this entire section carefully to catch the exact channel number of the FOX channel on Mediacom. Therefore, FOX telecasts various programs, so the channel number of FOX slightly changes depending on its agenda. The below table helps you to stream the FOX channel on Mediacom indeed.

FOX on Mediacom
What Channel is FOX on Mediacom?
Channel NameChannel Number
WALA (FOX 10) Mobile10
FOX Business Network HD775
FOX News HD856
FOX News29
FOX Sports Southeast64
FOX Sports South68
FOX Business Network248
FOX Sports South HD832
FOX Sports Southeast HD833
FOX College Sports Atlantic172
FOX College Sports Central173

Popular Shows on FOX

FOX Channel is one of the most watched services in the United States of America. It broadcasts various programs to the audience. It covers all kinds of enjoyment for the viewers. In addition, the shows on the FOX channel are based on Adult animation, Children’s programs, News and Sports. This section will help you to find the best shows on the FOX network. The below list is fully taken from the category of most streamed shows on FOX.

  • American Idol: The Search for a Superstar
  • Glee
  • The Simpsons
  • Beverly Hills, 90210
  • Family Guy
  • 24
  • Married with Children
  • That ’70s Show

Undoubtedly, The above list is the Top shows on FOX Channel. So, Don’t miss watching it on your big screen. All shows from the above list are the most viewed in FOX history.

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Undoubtedly, FOX Network has the most extensive fan base all over the World. In short, It has various types of entertaining platforms like FOX News, FOX Sports, FOX Bussiness Network, FOX College Sports, etc. Mediacom is one of the most subscribed cable providers in that region. It offers subscription plans with the internet package. In case, If you can’t find a FOX Network on Mediacom, call the customer care service of Mediacom. Luckily, The customer care service is available 24/7 support. Therefore, Before leaving this article, I want to confirm that you understand everything about NFL Network and Mediacom. Then, For more details, kindly visit our official website, and bookmark it.


How can I watch FOX live without cable?

Undoubtedly, You can stream FOX Live on many streaming services. Many online streaming services carry the FOX channel. Following are the online services that have FOX Network: fubo TV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.

How do I download and activate the FOX NOW app on my Smart TV?

At first, You can find FOX NOW on Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, VIZIO Smart TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Xbox platforms. After that, find FOX NOW app on your Smart TV’s Application screen. After finding the FOX NOW app, press ENTER and select the DOWNLOAD option. Then, successfully install the FOX NOW app, and Open and choose Activate TV. Remember the activation code that is visible on the smart TV screen. Next, open a browser on your smart TV and go to https://activate.fox.com/activate. Enter the site, and enter your paid TV user ID and Password. Then go to My Devices within your FOX profile, apply the activation code, and activate your device.

How do I pay my Mediacom bill online?

Firstly, Click the Pay Bill option from the My Account home screen, then select Payment Method and complete the required fields. After that, select the bill amount and fill in the payment date. Finally, click the Submit Payment to pay your Medaicom bill.