Simple Tricks to Fix Message Blocking is Active Error in a minute

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Hi guys, I’m here today with another interesting content. Guess what? Yes, the content is on how to fix the issue of message blocking is active. Are you searching for methods to resolve the issue of message blocking being active? Then this article is for you. Come, let’s get into the content.

Before that let’s see where we experience such an issue. Definitely, every one of us will have an experience of using normal free messages in our life. Nowadays we use Whatsapp, Messenger, and a lot of apps to chat. But a free message is an epic app that we have been using since the invention of mobiles.

Even nowadays we have that app on our mobile. Just for the namesake. Nowadays the free message app is used only for receiving messages, that too from carrier networks. What a pity!! We have a handful of people who are still using the epic app for communication.

People who have experience using this app may know what is message blocking. Some anti-users may ask what is message blocking. In simple terms, if message blocking is enabled on your device you can’t send or receive messages. Then how to turn off message blocking on my device? Well, that’s the sole purpose of this content.

If you are ready let’s get into the content on the methods of resolving the issue of message blocking is active. Come, let’s get into the content.

What Does Message Blocking is Active error Mean?

Message Blocking is Active Error
Message Blocking is Active Error

There are several reasons for coming up with this error. We can notice this error message commonly in both Android and iPhone. You have some troubleshooting methods by which you can rectify the error. We are going to see later it in the next part of this content. Before that let’s see how does the error message ‘Message blocking is active’ appears.

Reason 1 for Message Blocking Active

The former reason could be if any of you have blocked each other. When you see this error message the primary thing to do is, check whether you have blocked the recipient or the recipient has blocked you in their contacts. You can easily block the people in your contact list and put them under Blacklist. Once blocked, you can’t send or receive messages to the persons on Blacklist.

Reason 2 for Message Blocking is Active

The second reason for the error message to pop up is maybe with your network provider. There is a chance that your network provider may be doing some maintenance work. So, they may have stooped the messaging service for a while. Wait for a few hours and retry again sending the message.

Reason 3 for Blocking Messages

The third reason could be an error with the shortcode. Sometimes the message blocking is an active error that can be due to inactive or incorrect shortcodes. Make sure that everything is clear on your side.

Reason 4 for Active Message Blocking

The fourth reason could be with your recipient. They may have blocked the messages from a certain group of people in their contact. Some of the messaging applications might have issues working with your server. Kindly have a manual check and allow those applications to send and receive messages on your device.

Reason 5:

The fifth reason may be the plan you have subscribed to with your carrier. If you have subscribed only to data or Talktime plan you can’t send messages. In that case, you can’t blame your carrier network. So, kindly check your top-up plan before blaming others.

Reason 6:

The sixth reason could be with the other party. They may not have enabled the premium messaging service to receive messages from others. The recipient can’t send and receive messages if their plan has expired. So, kindly intimate your recipient to check their subscription plan validity.

How To Fix The Error Message Blocking is Active?

In the previous part, we have seen the causes of the error message. Let’s see how to fix that error message ‘Message Blocking Is Active’ in the following steps. Continue reading the below guide.

1. Check Coverage In Your area

Network coverage is one of the main elements in order to make calls and send or receive messages. So, kindly check that the coverage in your area is not listed as ‘None’. If it’s so you can do any activity through the network.

2. Active Phone Number

Primarily check whether your phone number is inactive condition. You can check the status of your phone number by navigating to Settings –> Account –> Phone status. If it is mentioned as blocked or suspended you can’t send or receive messages. An active phone and phone number are essential to make calls or send messages.

3. Check your Plan

Kindly check that whether you have subscribed to text messages as a part of your plan. Then try enabling ‘Can send/receive text messages’ in your account settings. If it is enabled and even though you see such an error means you have not subscribed to text messages.

4. Check Country Code

Check that you have entered the country code correctly if you are doing an international text message. You can easily identify your country code by doing a quick Google search.

5. Unblock Contacts

Finally, check whether you have not blocked the contacts to whom are messaging. If you have blocked them you won’t receive any calls or messages from those contacts. You can find the blocked contacts in the Blacklist folder in your contact settings. Also, check whether the recipient has not blocked you in their contacts.


That’s all guys. This is all you need to know about the error ‘Message blocking is active‘. I hope the content will be useful and satisfactory. A free message or normal message is one of the popular and amazing services to send and receive messages. But its popularity and usage has been decreased among people nowadays. If you have faced the error message blocking, you can resolve it using the above-given steps. Stay on track and update yourself with technology.