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Dark Mode in Firefox | How to change Dark Mode in Firefox easily?

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Hello, Black addiction! If you’re busy with your browsing work at night time, turn up your browser background in black. The black background will highlight the foreground texts in white color. So you can keep on browse without straining your eye sights.

Hence, you will get two in one benefits. Right? If you are a Firefox user, you have landed in the right place. This article specially deals with enabling dark themes on the Firefox web browser. It helps you to change your bright Firefox into a dark shade within a minute. Scroll down to dim up your screen.

The Gist of Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is famous for its privacy and security. All you need private space in a browsing environment, Firefox is the best choice for you. In addition to that, it works rapidly and delivers content instantly. Moreover, it gives quick access to share specific links with your friends by connecting the social media apps like Facebook and Instagram.

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Firefox is highly compatible with Linux, Android, iOS, and Mac as well. The best part you have to know is, Firefox is available in almost 97 languages.

The mobile version of Mozilla Firefox is a trustworthy browsing application. For instant browsing, the mobile application is the better choice. The Firefox app becomes pocket-friendly to browse anywhere at any time.

You can switch the open tab on desktop and mobile simultaneously. Along with that, you can add your favorite web pages and links to the bookmarks for future references.

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Dark Mode on Firefox

In fact, we used to do browsing and surfing at night time, rather than day time. The light background on Mozilla seems directly hit the vision. Even though we need the whitish screen in the daytime, it is not preferable at night time.

In such cases, dim out the screen with gray background is an essential one. As many internet users longing for the night mode on Firefox, now it is in our hands. Keep reading this write-up and explore the shining dark feature on Firefox.

Yeah. Mozilla added the dark mode support on its websites. If you don’t know where it is on your Firefox, read this entire article. Do follow the upcoming step-by-step procedure to get an instant dark theme.

How to Enable Mozilla’s Firefox Dark mode?

Firefox Dark mode
How to change Firefox to dark mode


At first, open your Firefox web browser. On the current page, you can see the hamburger icon located at the top right corner. Just click on the icon.


Next, you can either use the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+ A or hit the Add-ons menu. Both actions will redirects you to the Addons page that you have already installed or disabled.


Under the extensions section, you can see the themes icon on the left side screen. Now, you will switch to the themes page.


This page shows the themes that are enabled and disabled on your browser. Finally, tap the enable button located under the dark theme.

This will enable the dark theme on the browser alone. It is to mention that the above step doesn’t change the website that you browse. In case the website is designed with a bright background, you will fail to get the dark theme inside the website.

Whatever the website is, if you wish to read it with a dark background, you have few more steps to go. Finish it up using the below guidelines.

How to enable dark mode for the websites in Firefox?

You cannot natively apply the dark mode feature on firefox websites. But, it can be easily done by using some appropriate extensions. There are plenty of dark theme extensions out there that works well for Mozilla firefox. Let us discuss the best extension for firefox. That is Dark Reader.

Dark Reader

Dark Reader is one of the powerful open-source browser extensions. It is highly recommended for Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome browsers. If you donno to extend the extension on your Mozilla, here are the simple steps.


First off, get into the Firefox browser. Land on the search tab and search for the Dark reader extension.


Next, visit the official application of the Dark reader extension. Or else, simply click this link It will redirects you to the Add-ons homepage.


Here, hit the +Add to Firefox button highlighted in blue color. Within a minute, the extension will be Add to your Mozilla browser.

Once you refresh the Firefox browser, the dark theme will reflect on the websites that you visit. Along with the dark theme, you can adjust the range of brightness, darkness, contrast, and more filters.  

Another best part of the Dark Reader extension is, you can turn on/off the dark theme for specific selected websites. This option leads you to set up the dark themes only for specific websites.


Why can’t I enable the dark theme on Firefox websites?

You might have enabled the dark theme for the browser. This action alone is not enough to turn up the dark mode on websites. To do so, you should look for some dark theme extensions suitable for Firefox.

What are the best dark theme extensions for firefox?

Night eye and Dark readers are the most commonly used dark mode extensions for Firefox web browsers. Both work fine and enhance the dark theme performance whenever you use web browsers. If you yet to add a Dark reader extension, take a quick review of this article.

Bottom Line

Have you got a clear idea to set up Firefox dark mode? I hope, this article gives you some unknown facts. Firefox with Dark Reader extension is the best combo to get a faster browsing experience without any eye strains.

Enabling dark mode paves the way to cool up your vision and enhance the browsing experience. Don’t skip any section on this write-up. Even the FAQs are useful to resolve your queries. Enjoy with blackish background and save your battery life as well.

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