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How to Find Someone Discord? [Complete Guide]

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Find Someone Discord: Hey People! Do you want to find your friend on Discord? But, you didn’t know how to do that. Relax! Here, we are going to teach you the best and simple methods to find your friend on Discord. Discord is one of the best sources to interact with your friends. Discord has millions of users around the world. As well, it is growing continuously. Now only you joined the Discord, and you want to find your colleagues and friends.

That is not a big deal. Just follow our guidelines properly. And it will help you to find your gaming partner or friends on Discord. If you have the unique id of the person who you nat to find, it is soo simple. Or else, it is tricky. But, with this article, you can easily find your friend even you haven’t the unique id. So, keep reading this article to the end to know the finding process.

How to Find Someone on Discord using Discord’s Add Friend function?

If you had the person’s Username and Unique ID, then you can easily find him with our guides. Follow the below procedure without skipping. 

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Find Someone Discord
How to Find Someone Discord?
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Step 1:

Launch your Discord and go to the Home.

Step 2:

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Select the Add Friend option on your Discord.

Step 3:

Now, you will get the Username and ID number bars on your screen.

Step 4:

Enter the Username and ID on appropriate columns.

Step 5:

Then, click on Send Friend Request button. 

When they accept your request, after that you can chat with them. Or else, you can invite them to your server. If the person is already on your friend’s list, then you can directly search him and select him from the friend;’s list, and chat with the user.

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How to Search someone using Server Members?

Sometimes, we want to find someone on your server. But, we don’t have their Username and ID to find. In this how can you find them? But, still, you have the options to find them. You can use the in-server search function. Follow the below steps to find a person using the Server Members list.

Step 1:

On your Discord, go to the Server.

Step 2:

Expand the Member List and search for the person.

It may take some time if the list is long. But, you can definitely find the person. And, there is any need for the search option you can use it.

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How to Find Someone from the Third-Party Discord?

You cannot find the person by using the above methods, try third-party user lists. With this, you can easily find the person you want to add to your friend list. Also, you can use Discordhub and to find someone. It will help you to find the person by their real name or known aliases.

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Now, you can easily find your friend on your server. You can use their Username and unique ID to find them. Or else, you have to search for the person on the Server Member list. Make use of the above-given procedure to find your favorite person on Discord. We hope this article will provide all the simple ways to find the person from the Discord server list.

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