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How to Find Discord User ID? [Complete Guide]

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Find Discord User ID: Nowadays, most people switch to the Discord platform. It provides a lot of features to Discord users. You can communicate with anyone without any restrictions. As well Discord allows you to join the servers. Here, you can interact with thousands of people.

Do you think finding someone among these thousands is difficult? Obviously no, you can easily find the person with their User name and ID. Discord provides different IDs for all Discord Users. As well, IDs are created only for privacy. With the ID only, you can add someone to your friend list or any server.

So, you can use that ID and find the person easily. But, before doing that you have to find the user name and ID. Do you have a question that how can I find the username and ID? If yes, then read this article. Here, we are going to share the simplest way to find the user ID.

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How to Find Discord User ID?

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You can easily find your Discord User ID. It is a too simple method how simple it is, you can find it in a single step. Yeah! it is true. Just follow the below step to find your User ID.

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Find Discord User ID
How to Find Discord User ID?

Step 1:

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Launch the Discord on your device.

Step 2:

Then, select your Username which is placed nearer to the avatar button.

Step 3:

Also, it will copy your Username and User ID automatically.

Or else, you can go to the User Settings and select the My Account option. Now, you can see your user ID on your screen easily.

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You may feel any difficulties to find someone’s ID. But, this is designed like this only for your safety purpose. Without your User ID, no one can add you to any irrelevant servers. If you want to know your Username and User ID, you can use the above-given procedure. It will help you to find your Username and ID in a simple way.

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