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How to Find Discord Server? [Simple Guide]

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Find Discord Server: Discord is one of the best places to communicate with your friends. Also, you can chat with other Discord users. It is one of the growing platforms which helps to link with thousands of people. Discord users count is increasing fastly. As well, Discord also offers a lot of new features to its users.

With Discord, you can communicate with your gaming partner while playing the game. And, you can create a server or join your favorite servers. Here more number of servers are available also you can easily join it if it is public. Servers are mostly useful to know the details about many such as movies, games, TV shows and so on.

Among these servers, how can you find a particular server? Do you think finding a server is difficult? No, it is a simple procedure, you can easily find the server. Finding a server has two different methods. One is the Built-in option, or else you can search using web-based servers to find the server. To learn more about the server and its finding process, let’s get into the article.

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How to Find a Server using Discord’s Built-in Search?

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Using the Built-in search option is too simple a way to get the server. To find your favorite Sever using the Built-in option, follow the below steps.

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How to Find Discord Server?

Step 1:

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Launch Discord and select the Compass icon on your screen.

Step 2:

Now, you can see your existing group list.

Step 3:

From the list, select your server name and join it.

Or else, you can use the Category option to search the server in an easy manner. Here, you can find different types of categories like Education, Gaming, Entertainment, Science, Music, and Tech. 

Also, you can search for options on your screen. It will help you to find the server, but you have to type the exact name on the search bar. 

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How to Find a Server using a Web-Based Server Search?

You can also use the web servers to find your favorite server from Discord. A lot of websites are dedicated to advertising and sharing Discord servers. So, you can use them to find the particular server.

Such websites are, Disboard, DiscordMe, and DiscordServers, and so on. They have the same working principle, so you can easily access it. You can search the server using the category list. It has different types of categories like popularity, number of members, and so on.

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Discord is one of the growing platforms. It is specially designed for gamers. With Discord, you can join any server with its invite link. There are no restrictions to creating a new server. So, here thousands of servers are available. You can easily find your favorite server from the above article. You can use the above-given methods to find the server easily.

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