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Best File Manager for Chromebook you should use to Organize Documents

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Welcome, guys! One of the main purposes of buying handheld devices like computers and laptops is to store our important files. Isn’t it? As we have frequent usage of these files, we suppose to store them in portable devices.

So, which device do you have your own for your business and personal use? If your choice is Chromebook, then you have to know the right file managers for it. This write-up suggests some of the top-rated file-managing applications for your Chromebook.

With that, you can safeguard your important files and also modify them as per your comfort. Dive into my write-up now!


File managers are essential applications to organize our important files and documents. In fact, most handy devices, smartphones, and computers come up with in-built file managers.

It is not meant that we have to use the default apps. But also, we can add the best file managers that suit your Chromebook. In recent times, we tend to safeguard lots and lots of data and information on Chromebooks.

Therefore, we have to stuff all of them under one roof. As we urge to stuff them, it is not sure that everything has been stored in an organized manner. Even though we have premade file manager in Chromebooks, there are some stunning third-party applications out there.

All of them serve well to organize your documents. Start to explore the unique features in each file manager.

Best File Manager for Chromebook

Best File manager for Chromebook
Best File Manager for Chromebook
  • Solid Explorer
  • ES File Explorer
  • FX File Explorer
  • WinZip
  • Nemo
  • Templafy
  • Files by Google

Solid Explorer – Best File Manager for Chromebook

At first, let us explore the immersive features of Solid Explorer. As we know, Chrome OS ultimately supports Android applications. Solid Explorer is one such Android app that works great on Chromebook.

Moreover, it helps to access the files that you kept in your FTP or Web servers. Apart from the usual file formats, it also unpacks secured formats like Zip, RAR, and TAR.

Solid possesses dual split view support to make the easy organization. You can access from the local to root files on this file manager. Plus, it automatically hides unwanted files from our view.

It is a specially optimized file manager for the Chrome Operating system. You have to spend $1.99 to opt for this file manager. On the whole, Solid is a trustworthy service available at a reasonable package.

ES File Explorer – File Manager for ChromeOS

Our next pick is ES File Explorer. It is a well-known third-party app that perfectly suits your Chromebook. The special part of this file manager is it has a pre-made media player. With that, you can able to play any kind of media like audio, videos, images, movies, and much more.

Additionally, you can arrange the files stored in cloud storage like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. ES allows you to cut, copy, paste, edit, delete, compress, and rename documents.

Along with the local storage, you can go deep with the root systems and dig out the hidden files too. Importantly, you can’t get this directly from Google Play Store.

You have to download the ES Explorer from APKPure and sideload it on the Chromebook. Whenever you sideload the third-party apps, make sure to allow the unknown sources option on your Chromebook.

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FX File Explorer

FX File Explorer is one of the fascinating applications that are available on the Play Store. It has a unique reputation in the Android community.  Most Android users fall on this particular File Explorer. FX File Explorer offers a powerful text editor.

Additionally, it deals with a wide range of file types. The pop-up Audio player works well on this file manager. It helps to play the audio formats as well.

Once you create a password, that is quite enough to access the local and cloud storage locations. All the files can be encrypted, and you can unarchive the zip formats using the FX File Explorer.

If you looking for cleanliness over this interface, FX remains the best choice. The user can directly browse the photos, videos, and audio documents.


Probably, Winzip is available on most personal computers, laptops, and tablets. So, Chromebooks are not an exception. Winzip is the most popular file manager that highly recommend for your Chromebook.

The best part of Winzip is, you can compress multiple files and send them over mail. Literally, you can easily compress any images and documents. Winzip is straightforward with OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Therefore, you can able to access the cloud storage integrated with Winzip.

In addition to that, WinZip unzips the common compression formats such as Zip, GZip, VHD, XZ, RAR, 7z, and TAR. Thus, the encryption and backup of your important files are quite simple with Winzip. Most notably, it provides unique password encryption for specific folders.

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Check out your Chromebook that runs under the Linux Operating System. If yes, Nemo is just for you. It is mentioned that Nemo runs only on the Linux-based OS.

Nemo is the open-source file manager and serves you for free. Don’t judge that free file manager doesn’t consist of many features. All the necessary features are compiled together on this file manager.

Yes. It has a dual-panel view, plugins manager, sidebar view, toolbar, customized archive creations, open the root of a file, and so on.


Templafy is considered to be the best match for your Chromebook. It simplifies your workflow and especially focuses on business-related documents.

It allows you to share, search, update, and store documents. However, It offers the search function to surf the desired file for immediate access. However, we used to search for a while if the documents are stored a year ago.

At that time, you can make use of the search feature. So that you may not waste your time merely searching for the required documents.

Files by Google

At last, try out this default file manager on your Chromebook. Yes. If you don’t want to look for third-party apps, you can smoothly go with the Google files application. But, you cannot explore the entire features of the in-built Files app.

To attain the fruitful features of  Files, you can install the app from the Google Play Store. All the basic file managing operations can be undertaken on this File manager.

The name Files by Google indicates that it is completely integrated with your Google Drive account. So that, you can manage the documents attached with GoogleDrive too. With the Files app, it is easy to clean the cache and junk files on your Chromebook.

So you can free up the storage filled with unwanted temporary files. It is not too fancy nor too casual. But, it consists of all the common file-organizing features for Chrome users and does its job well.

Final Verdict

Have you gone through each section stated above? When you reach the end of the article, you could have fixed the idea to pick the best one. I hope, this article gives the clarity to find the best File manager for your Chromebook.

All of them are optimized file-managing applications for Chrome OS. Organize your files and folders in any one of the above-mentioned file managing applications. Have a flawless experience with the best file manager.

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