What Channel is FETV on Spectrum? [Updated 2022]

FETV on Spectrum: Are you fed up with searching for your favorite channel on your Spectrum service? If so, then you have reached the right site. Today we are going to fish the FETV channel number on your existing Spectrum service.

With Spectrum, you will get numerous channels, in this case finding the particular channel from the service is a little tricky.

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But, you need not worry about those things when we are here with you. Just kick out all those thoughts and continue reading this article to the end to get all your favorite shows from FETV on the big screen.

What Channel is FETV on Spectrum?

Spectrum is a streaming service where you can get a lot of content at an affordable range. It offers thousands of content like live TV, movies, Tv shows, TV series, and much more. Also, it provides some popular channels such as AMC, Food Network, Animal Planet, Comedy Central, Discovery, and so on.

With Spectrum’s active subscription, you can get FETV on your device. Spectrum offers different types of subscription plans to its users, namely, Spectrum TV select, Spectrum TV Silver, and Spectrum Gold. You will get different features with each plan. Also, it offers cloud DVR storage too.

FETV on Spectrum
What Channel is FETV on Spectrum?

FETV is an American cable and satellite television channel that provides numerous collections to its users. It is abbreviated as Family Entertainment Television, the name represents like, it airs content, especially for the family. 

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Now, you can stream all FETV shows on your desirable device using the Spectrum service. Here we list out the channel number of your favorite channel, make use of it and stream all FETV shows on the big screen endlessly.

Location Channel Number
Florida 154
Eastern NC 165 or 477
Gaffney SC 157
Dallas 477
Columbia SC  477

Popular Channels from FETV

With FETV, you can stream numerous collections. Here we list out some popular shows from FETV.

  • Bewitched
  • Matlock
  • The Lone Ranger
  • Maude
  • Barney Miller
  • Hazel
  • Leave it to Beaver
  • Rawhide
  • The Beverly Hillbillies
  • The Real McCoys
  • Emergency!
  • Wagon Train
  • Perry Mason
  • Mannix


Is FETV available on Spectrum?

Yes, FETV is available on Spectrum, so you can easily stream all your favorite FETV shows on the big screen using Spectrum service.

What is the Channel Number of FETV in Florida?

If you locate in Florida and want to stream FETV shows on your Spectrum service, you can easily find the service in channel number 154. 


Through this article, you can easily find the FE TV channel number on your Spectrum service. Here we list out the channel number of FETV and location clearly. So, you can easily pick the channel, whatever your region is. 

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Hereafter, there is not necessary to search for the channel number of your favorite channel in the list of Spectrum channel lineup for an hour. Make use of the above-given table and get the FETV from Spectrum. Commonly, you can find the channel in 245.

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