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How to Factory Reset Google WiFi Router?

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Welcome Folks!! Are you a Google WiFi user? If yes, the article is only for you. If you are a user of the Google WiFi Router, you need to know some basic information about this equipment. Sometimes, you need to know the password of your Google WiFi or you want to return it. For that time, you should reset your Google WiFi with all the essential safety processes. So, this article is only about factory resetting your Google WiFi Router in a safe way. Do follow the article. 

Google WiFi Router

Google WiFi is one of the most important, needful, useful, informative, extraordinary sources to get the whole home online system to you. It’s known as Google Nest WiFi and Google Mesh Router. In this router, you need to reset the system once at a particular time. It needs to improve your source and this is one of the needful services to all the users. In this guide, you are going to know how to reset the Google WiFi Router in two ways. 

How to Factory reset google WiFi Router
How to Factory reset Google WiFi Router

Method 1: How to Factory Reset Google WiFi using the Google WiFi App?

The first method is, using the Google WiFi application. For that, you need to install your Google WiFi App on your Smartphone or Tablet. It’s very necessary to reset your Google WiFi Router. This is not only resetting the hardware. It removes all the saved information from your Google Account which you used to set it up. Here are the steps. 

Step 1

First of all, you need to launch your Google WiFi application and select the “Shortcuts and Settings” option. 

Step 2

There, Choose the “Network & General” option. 

Step 3

Then, select the “Wifi points” and Factory reset” options. 

Step 4

It will take some more minutes, then you need to choose “Factory Reset”

Step 5

Finally, select the “OK” option.

Step 6

It will take a maximum of ten minutes. Then, you can view that your reset process is completed. Select the “Done” option. 

Method 2: How to Factory Reset the Hardware Directly?

The next process is, using the option of resetting the Google WiFi Hardware directly. It removes all your Google Information from your hardware. The Google Account will not be removed. Then, your Connection Information will also be deleted automatically after six months. Let’s follow the steps. 

Step 1

The first step is, from your Google WiFi Point, you need to remove all the cables. 

Step 2

On the device, you have to Push and hold the reset button. 

Step 3

Hold the reset button, at the same time, you need to plug in the power cable. 

Step 4

You need to continue to hold the reset button process until the ring around the outside starts flashing blue.

Step 5

If you can view the blue flash, you can release the reset button.

Step 6

The ring will turn amber, after finishing the reset process. It will take a maximum of ten minutes

Is it possible to reset your Google WiFi Router?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible. You need to check the above process and then make it simple to reset your Google WiFi Router. 

Final Verdict

That’s all about the wonderful Article. It’s going to be very useful. Because all the essential and needful processes are mentioned in the above subject. There are two methods to reset your Google WiFi Router. Hope the article can help you in a better way. The resetting of Google WiFi is most important. So, you need to check the article thoroughly. It’s going to be very useful at present and in the future.

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