How to Factory Reset Firestick [with/without remote] in 2020?

Amazon firestick is an amazing streaming device to watch all your favorite TV shows, movies, news, and much more. To watch all these genres, the user needs to install apps on firestick. But due to loss of application on the firestick, it reduces the performance of firestick. Like firestick will become slow, hangs, stuck in fire TV logo, and much more. In order to avoid it, some user prefers to factory reset Firestick.

In this guide, We are provided all the solutions for the problem of resetting Amazon Firestick. The Problem and queries asked by the user are

  • How to Factory Reset Firestick with remote?
  • How to reset Firestick Without remote?
  • Factory Reset Firestick with Computer?

Mostly, Firestick has a low memory space so it cannot hold up a large number of apps in it. So, the user must choose particular apps to use on firestick and keeps on clearing the cache on firestick.

Some of the Tech experts recommend not to factory reset Amazon Firestick frequently. Instead, you can uninstall apps on firestick which is not necessary to use.

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Just check out all the possible methods to reset firestick in a minute. Most of the user has a problem with remote so, they prefer to know how to reset firestick without a remote. Also, we have listed all the possible methods to help the user.

How to reset firestick 2020?

Turn on the Firestick.

Open Settings.

On the Top Menu bar, you can find settings, just toggle to find it.

reset Firestick
Open Settings to reset a firestick

Open My Fire TV.

In Settings, you can find My Fire TV in the listed items.

How to reset my Firestick
Open My Fire TV to reset Amazon Firestick

Select Reset to factory defaults.

Just scroll down to find the reset to factory defaults option.

How to factory reset firestick

Click on Reset.

A dialogue box pops-up on the screen asking permission to reset. Just Select reset and press the OK button.

Reset Done

Note: It takes around 5-10 minutes to complete resetting your firestick. please hold on till it completes until that don’t power off your firestick or TV.

After resetting, Update the firestick to the latest firmware.

How to Factory reset Amazon Firestick with remote?

Actually, reset fire tv with remote is so easy compared to the other method. But unfortunately, some of the users have a problem with the firestick remote. If you having the remote in working condition then follow the steps below.

Press and Hold right and back button on your firestick remote for 10 seconds.

How to reset Firestick with remoet

A dialogue box appears on screen for reset permission. Select Reset and Click on OK button.

That’s it. It will begin resetting your firestick till that don’t power off your TV or Unplug the firestick.

How to reset firestick without remote?

Most of the user has been asking how to reset my firestick without remote. So, we have made all the possible method to fix this issue and came up with a solution.

Firestick has recently launched a fire Tv app on the Google Play Store and App Store. just install it on your Smartphone and follow the steps below to reset fire tv.

1. Make sure that smartphones and Firestick are connected at the same WiFi network.

2. Open Firestick app and look for the nearest firestick device.

3. Nearby devices will show up and select your device.

4. A four-digit code appears on the TV screen, just enter it to pair the fire tv app to Firestick.

5. Now, you will be able to control the firestick from the fire tv app on your smartphone.

6. Just follow the steps to reset fire TV.

Settings–>My Fire TV–> Reset to factory Defaults–>Reset

How to Factory reset firestick with computer?

Is it possible to reset firestick with PC?. yes, it possible to reset your fire tv with the help of the computer. There are two possible methods to factory resetting firestick with PC Computer. You can get both methods and safely reset our Fire tv stick

Reset Firestick with PC by Mirroring method

Actually, the Firestick mirroring works perfectly with windows 10. Follow the steps below to firestick reset.

1. Connect Firestick and PC at the same WiFi network.

2. Move on the Firstick, hold on the Home button on your Firestick remote.

A dialogue box appears on screen with an option as Sleep, Mirroring, and settings.

3. Select Mirroring it will look for the device to connect.

4. Now move on to the PC Windows 10, on the right bottom corner you will find a notification.

5. In that Select Connect.

6. Automatically, it will connect to the firestick TV.

Now, you can get full control of the firestick on your PC Windows. You can do whatever you want to do with firestick from your computer.

what happens when you reset firestick to factory settings?

Resetting Amazon Firestick will take your firestick to the factory defaults. That’s mean it will erase all the data, apps, files and also roll back the version to the factory version. It will become a new firestick device and you can start doing anything you want as a fresh start.

For example, it is like formatting your smartphone. Actually, resetting firestick will fix some of the problems in it.

Got any Solution???

Your tech List hopes that you have a solution for all your queries. Still, you are facing any issues just leave a comment below and will reach you with a solution.

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