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How to use Facebook on Roku connected TV? [ 3 Best Methods]

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Have you ever thought of a life without social networking sites? It’s a kind of mini nightmare I suppose. This is because people have got addicted to texting and virtual friendships. Since it is easy to cope with someone texting rather than face to face conversation. Facebook is the most famous social networking site which is known by almost all the people around the world. Have you people ever thought of being entertained using Facebook on Roku? If so, this article is for you ie., on How to use Facebook on Roku connected TV.

About Facebook

Facebook is a well-known social networking site for almost all people. Facebook lets people connect with their friends, family,  acquaintances via the Internet. A Facebook user can text, share photos, follow pages, and do many more activities. There are around 100 languages available to access the Facebook app, which invites plenty number people towards Facebook. Via Facebook, you can come to know what is happening in your friends’ lives. Not only that you can also get a chance of getting friends with your favorite people on Facebook. If you have lost your friendship in your schooldays and wanna find them in your adulthood, you can totally rely on Facebook. This is so because they might have a Facebook account for sure. This is awesome right.

Features of Facebook

Facebook is the world-famous social media site. It has loads of features. To mention some:

  • Boosts your career level by inviting people by sharing links.
  • Posting Ads as per the users.
  • Text your friends.
  • Catch hold of your past life people.
  • Share your life events and updates.
  • Create groups and pages.
  • Copyrights free music.
  • Reminders for friends’ birthdays

And the list goes on and on..!!

Is Facebook on Roku?

Facebook isn’t accessible on Roku. To use Facebook on Roku connected TV, the only way to do is screen mirroring. Let’s see how to do in below.

How to Sign Up for Facebook?

Follow the given instructions to Sign up for Facebook:

Step1: Visit

Step2: Type the username you want. (the name should be your name so that your friends can recognize you)

Step3: Give your date of birth and type either your mobile number or email ID to create an account.

Step4: Then, enter your gender and type your password.

Step5: Continue by clicking on Sign up option, then confirm your mobile number or email ID which you entered.

Note – A facebook user must be above 13 years.

How to use Facebook on Roku connected TV?

Are you so desperate in using Facebook on Roku?. Here you go. Proceed with the following steps to stream Facebook on Roku. As we already said that the Facebook app is not available on the Roku Channel Store. So, You can get it only by Screen Mirroring.

Facebook on Roku Connected TV
How to use Facebook on Roku Connected TV

 First, let’s see how to enable screen mirroring on Roku:

Step1: Switch on your Smart TV.

Step2: Link your Roku device to your TV’s HDMI port.

Step3: Power on your Roku.

Step4: Check for the internet connection on your Roku and the device.

Step5: The internet connection should be of same Wi-Fi.

Step6: Use your Roku remote to navigate to the Roku Home screen by tapping on the home button.

Step7: Go to Settings.

Step8: Open System option.

Step9: Open screen mirroring and select the screen mirroring mode option.

Step10: Then, choose Prompt or Always allow the option for screen mirroring.

Your device name will display on the screen after scanning. This implies that your device is ready to mirror.

Cast Facebook on Roku using Smartphone

For Smartphone users: After your Roku device is ready for screen mirroring follow these steps

Step11: Launch Facebook on your Smartphone.

Step12: Select cast option from settings-> Connections and Sharing-> Cast->  of your smartphone.

Step13: After scanning, Roku-connected TV appears. Select that option.

Step14: Now your smartphone screen can be seen on your Roku connected TV.

Step15: Open the Facebook app on your smartphone.

Step16: Now enjoy Facebook on Roku connected TV.

Cast Facebook on Roku using PC

For PC users: After your Roku device is ready for screen mirroring follow these steps

Step11: Visit chrome browser.

Step12: Sign in to your Facebook account via

Step13: Choose the cast option in the three-dotted icons present at the right on the Facebook page.

Step14: Scanning of devices takes place. Select the cast tab from the sources menu.

Step15: Click your Roku device on the screen.

Step16: Your PC screen of the Facebook page will be cast on your Roku connected TV.

Screen Mirror Facebook on Roku using iOS

For iOS users: After your Roku device is ready for screen mirroring follow these steps

Step11: Navigate to the control center on your iPhone.

Step12: Select screen mirroring.

Step13: Then, select your Roku from the list.

Step14: If your TV prompts for a passcode, then enter the passcode on your iOS.

Step15: It’s ready to stream Facebook on Roku TV via the iOS device.

Step16: Open the Facebook app on your iOS device and enjoy it on the big screen.

What is Facebook Watch?

Facebook watch TV is an on-demand video streaming service given by Facebook. It was initiated in the year 2017. This provides users with original video content at no cost. The Facebook watch is an initiative to retain Facebook users by offering short and long videos. Facebook watch earns via advertisement revenues. There are many popular shows such as Fox News Update, Steve, Red Table Talk, Sorry for your loss, strangers and etc.

Is Facebook Watch on Roku ?

The Facebook watch is totally free. Just a Facebook account is enough to binge-watching Facebook watch’s popular shows. Since it is an ad-supported service, it earns via ads. You can stream Facebook watch videos on Roku using screen mirroring.

How to use Facebook Watch On Roku?

Facebook Watch TV is a free streaming service to let out on Facebook. Facebook watch TV is available on both Smartphones and PCs. You can just log in to your Facebook account and navigate to watch the option to stream Facebook watch TV on your device.

Not only Facebook but also Facebook live and also Facebook Watch can be cast on Roku using screen mirroring.

The EndNote

To terminate, Facebook is the worldwide used social media site. This is a site where one can upgrade their career via providing links. Through Facebook, it’s easy to connect with your friends and family via the Internet. And the best part is the Facebook Watch, popular TV shows at no cost. Let’s connect with friends and share your thoughts with the people in our life!!

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