What Channel is EWTN on Verizon Fios? [2023]

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EWTN on Verizon Fios: “Where there is a piece of devotional music, God is always at hand with gracious presence.” Welcome to this article with a great-hearted. If you are in this article, you are a devotee. This article is an excellent opportunity for those who believe in Catholicism. Because this article includes more unbelievable information about the Devotional television network, that’s why I said in the above statement in this article is a perfect opportunity for believers of God. The devotional network is none other than EWTN.

EWTN is the most viewed Catholic television network all over the World. Yes! EWTN is available all over the World. So you can stream your desired EWTN content on any part of this World. This article is specially made for those who want to stream EWTN shows on their Fios TV network. So don’t make any delay; jump into this article and drown in the Devotional ocean.

About EWTN

EWTN is a Catholic-themed programming network. It is the largest religious media network in the World, and EWTN stands for Eternal World Television Network, reaching 250 million people in 140 countries. Irondale, Alabama, is the headquarter of this network. Eternal World Television Network Inc owned EWTN, which was launched on August 15, 1981. Mother Angelica founded it. This television network owns the newspaper called National Catholic Newspaper. Derek Paul Kluz is the organizer of this EWTN network.

Crisp of Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios is a service provider that provides television, internet, and telephone. Verizon Communications is the holding company of Verizon Fios, and the Verizon Fios is operated by a Fibre Optical network within the United States. New York is the headquarter of Verizon Communications. The early development stage was before 2005. The strong footprint of Fios TV was organized from 2010 to till the present date. It was originally founded on September 22, 2005, in Keller, Texas, United States of America. Fios TV is offered with high-definition, standard-definition, and Video On Demand. Quadrate Amplitude Modulation is a digital modulation method used in the Verizon Fios TV to deliver the signals.

Subscription Plans of Verizon Fios

Fios TV offers its subscribers three types of subscription plans, with more than 425 channels. In addition, every subscription plan is included one rental set-top box. Below are the primary details of Fios TV subscription plans.

Your Fios TV – more than 125 channels at $70 per month.

More Fios TV – more than 300 channels at $90 per month.

The Most Fios TV – more than 425 channels at $115 per month.

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On What Channel is EWTN on Fios?

This part of this article is the fundamental section of this article. EWTN is the World’s largest catholic television network because it is available in more than 140 countries. Probably it is available on all the streaming providers. In the same way, EWTN is available on Verizon Fios TV. EWTN telecasts the devotional content only. So if you want to stream only the devotional content, EWTN is the best catholic channel. Streaming EWTN on the big screen is an excellent feel for those who are devotees. Below is the exact channel information about EWTN on Fios. So don’t get any confusion about watching EWTN on Fios.

EWTN on Verizon Fios
What Channel is EWTN on Verizon Fios?

Streaming Service – Verizon Fios

Channel Name – EWTN

Channel Number – 285

The above channel information is in reference to the official website of Fios TV. So now, your only work is to read the entire article to know the full details of the EWTN channel and Verizon Fios for more knowledge.

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Popular Shows on EWTN

Shows of EWTN are entirely based on devotional. So EWTN is the best platform to stream Catholic content. Watching this content gives massive peace to your mind. EWTN telecasts so much devotional content to this World. Here are the best shows and their details are available in this section. All the shows given below are the best and most viewed shows on EWTN. So if you are a Devotee and want peace, EWTN is the best place. Read the information below without skipping any words to get new Catholic content. Now without any delay, go to the below part.

Real Life Catholic

Real Life Catholic is one of the top-viewed shows on the EWTN network. One of the Real Life Catholic slogans is “Sharing the love of Jesus, Helping you do the same.” This show conducts Events on a Catholic theme. This is mainly focused on the renowned speaker and author Chris Stefanick helping you REDISCOVER God and REDISCOVER the life you were made for. It also broadcast TODAY’S MESSAGE to give a guide for the people to enjoy their lives.

Mother Angelica Live Classes

Mother Angelica Live Classes is entirely focusing on the spiritual lessons and philosophies with a live audience, speaking to prominent personalities and taking calls from people about various issues. These spiritual lessons and philosophies are the best moments of Mother Angelica shares with the live audience. In addition, the founder of the EWTN television network is Mother Angelica.

EWTN News In-Depth

EWTN News In-Depth is a news show based on in-depth interviews that unapologetically examine and analyze important issues and events from an authentically Catholic perspective. In addition, it included a one-hour discussion about topics that matter to you, and Montse Alvarado hosted it.

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Only this article ends, but searching for Catholics is not end. Please don’t search for Jesus in your surroundings; you can’t find him because he is in your heart, soul, words, action, etc. EWTN is the best Catholic television to stream devotional themes. More than 250 million people in 140 countries watch Eternal World Television Network daily. Verizon Fios is one of the well-known streaming services in the United States. Watching your wanted EWTN on Fios TV is possible in simple steps. If you need more information about the unique content of the best streaming services, kindly visit our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch EWTN for free?

EWTN network is one of the largest Catholic television in the World. You can stream this channel free on EWTN Application. In addition, EWTN has a YouTube channel, and the address of the youtube channel is www.youtube.com/ewtn. You can also access EWTN Content on services like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Google TV.

Is EWTN available on Roku?

Roku carries the EWTN network. And the good news is that EWTN is absolutely free on Roku. You can add EWTN for free to your Roku channel lineup. In addition, you can watch EWTN Live Streaming, a religious series, and so on are available to stream on the Roku service.