How to Fix ESPN Plus Not Working Issue?

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ESPN Plus Not Working: Are you a sports enthusiast? Then, you must be known to or maybe using the ESPN Plus app. It is a special app that is very much famous among UFC fans. As it is used by many people, it often faces technical glitches and not working issues.

So, we are going to find the best fix through this article. Certainly, ESPN+ is an OTT platform that is responsible for sports video streaming in the United States. This app features numerous live events, original shows, and much more that are not available on the ESPN app.

Exclusively, the ESPN+ app allows you to purchase the UFC PPV pass and to watch an extensive range of content. Are you wondering how to fix ESPN not working issue? Then, continue reading the following guide to easily fix your ESPN Plus app. 

How to Fix ESPN Plus Not Working Issue?

ESPN Plus Not Working
How to Fix ESPN Plus Not Working Issue?

The ESPN+ app not working issue is due to several reasons like slow internet connection, app cache, or technical errors with the app. In the following guide, we have prepared a list of working fixes collected from trustable sources. Now, let’s see about the methods to fix the ESPN+ app in detail. 

1. Check the Internet Connection

While experiencing an issue with the ESPN Plus app, the first thing to verify is your internet connection. The respective app may be stopped working either due to the slow internet or the lack of internet. As ESPN Plus is an online streaming service it requires the internet to process and load the content for you to stream.

If you find that the issue is due to the internet, then you can check the speed of your Wifi on a trustable website. In case the problem is due to the slow internet then, rectify it by bringing your router much possible near your streaming device. 

2. Check for ESPN Outage

Here the outage refers to the issues with the ESPN server. As we all know, ESPN+ is one of the subsidiaries of ESPN. So, both the apps will be working on the same server. Too much traffic on the server may cause it to work inappropriately.

You can verify that on the ‘Down Detector’ website to check whether there is an outage in the ESPN server. In such conditions, you can contact ESPN customer care to resolve the issue. 

3. Power Cycle your Streaming Device

Accordingly, another possible method to resolve the issue is power cycling your streaming device. Certainly, this method will help you to clear some technical errors that are causing the ESPN Plus Not Working issue. Continue with the following steps, to power cycle your streaming device easily. 

  • Initially, Turn off your streaming devices like smart TV, Roku, Firestick, etc.
  • Plug out the Power Cable from the electric socket.
  • Wait for 30-60 seconds.
  • Then, again plug in the power cable to the socket and Turn On your device.
  • Now, try opening the ESPN Plus app and check whether the problem has been resolved.

4. Clear Cache and Updating ESPN Plus app

The next method is about clearing the cache of the ESPN+ app. The cache is nothing but the data or temporary files that are stored in the background. It helps you to access a site faster while visiting the next time.

But more storage of cached data can cause bugs and technical glitches and eventually the app may stop working. Get into the following process to clear the cache and update the respective ESPN+ app on your streaming device. 

Clearing Cache

  • Turn on your streaming device and navigate to Settings.
  • Choose the Storage menu from the list.
  • Then, go to the Apps folder.
  • Select the ESPN Plus app.
  • Click on the Clear Cache option.

Updating ESPN Plus 

  • Turn on your device and move to the APP STORE.
  • Search for the installed ESPN Plus app.
  • Click on the Update option if available.

5. Reinstalling ESPN Plus app

At certain times, reinstalling the respective ESPN+ app can also help us to get over this error. Reinstalling the app will clear all the errors and bugs present in the app. Use the steps given below to complete the process easily.

  • Open the app store on your streaming device.
  • Search for the ESPN Plus app.
  • Select the official app from the list.
  • Then, click on the Install button to get the app on your device.


I hope now you people would have got the best methods to rectify the ESPN+ app not working issue on your streaming device. Certainly, the main issue could be due to the lack of enough internet for the respective app.

All the online streaming devices require enough speed and strength to access the data consistently. This is essential to get seamless entertainment. Make use of the above-given guide to fix your ESPN Plus app. 

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