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How to Install and Watch ESPN on Sony Smart TV? [Updated]

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ESPN on Sony TV: At this point in time, many of us will be using smart TVs in varieties of brands. One of the most popular smart TV manufacturer brands in the market is Sony. They are known for their gorgeous display quality, and the smart features included with it. In today’s article, we will look into the methods of installing ESPN on Sony Smart TV.

The main advantage of smart TVs is the ability they provide us to install varieties of apps as the user wishes. Certainly, you can install or buy any app in any genre that is available in the app store. By which you will be experiencing the theater streaming experience directly from the rest of your couch. One of such apps is ESPN.

Accordingly, it is one of the best apps to stream your favorite sports. This article will help you to install and watch the ESPN app on your Sony Smart TV. Let’s dig out the methods in the following segment. 

What is ESPN?

Basically, ESPN is a cable sports channel that is responsible for streaming various sports events and activities. At present, this company has been owned by Walt Disney and Hearst Communications. The ESPN app is dedicated to streaming various sports like Football, Cricket, F1, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, and much more.

You get access to watch numerous sporting events including both live and on-demand content. In simple words, you will never miss any of your favorite sports with the ESPN app on your Sony TV. Certainly, you will need an active ESPN subscription package to install and access the respective app on your Sony Smart TV. Click here to create a free account and become a subscriber to ESPN. 

How to Install ESPN on Sony Smart TV?

ESPN on Sony Smart TV

How to Install ESPN on Sony
Smart TV?

Fortunately, the best thing about the ESPN app is that it is natively available for download on Sony Smart TV. If your Sony Smart TV is running on the latest Android version, then you can directly install the app from the Google Play Store.

The only thing you require is a subscription to the ESPN service. With an active subscription, you can access all the ESPN content on your Sony TV. Let’s see the methods to install the ESPN app in the following steps. 

Step 1:

Firstly, Turn On your Sony Smart TV and make sure it is connected to the internet.

Step 2:

From the home screen, navigate to the Google Play Store app. 

Step 3:

Open the play store from the apps section and click on the Finder icon placed at the top.

Step 4:

Then, search for the ESPN app using the on-screen keyboard.

Step 5:

Choose the app from the list and click on the Install button to start the installation process.

Step 6:

Once the process has been completed, open the app and sign in with your account credentials.

Step 7:

Now, you are all set to stream the ESPN app on your Sony TV.


Is ESPN available on Sony smart TV?

Yes, the ESPN app can be downloaded straight away from the Google Play Store on your Sony TV. Make sure you have an ESPN subscription to access the app. 

Is ESPN free on Sony TV?

No, the ESPN app is not free to stream on Sony smart TV. It includes two types of subscriptions plans. You can opt for either of the two plans.

Why ESPN is not working on my Sony TV?

Well, you may have not updated the ESPN app in recent times. Try updating the app to fix the issue. Make sure you keep the apps updated on your smart TV to keep them bug and glitch-free. 


We are at the concluding part of our article. ESPN is one of the amazing apps to stream your favorite sports anywhere anytime using the compatible streaming device.

I hope that the methods to download the ESPN app on your Sony Smart TV will be helpful and satisfactory. Make sure you have an active ESPN subscription before getting into the installing process. To know more about the ESPN app and its features refer to the above post. 

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