How to Install and Use ES File Explorer on Firestick in 2022?[Updated]

Are you an Android User????. If you are an android user surely you would have known or heard about the Es File Explorer. In a decade it has been the most famous and simple File manager to manage all your files on your device. However, we are gonna see How to Download Es File Explorer on Firestick to manage files.

Actually, you will be thinking what is all does it do in the Firestick?. It is just an android application and works perfectly on the Firestick. Want to know what are its features. Just scroll down to the features and check it out. Really!… Awesome which works beyond our imagination. Also, you can watch live sports on Firestick.

How to Install Es File Explorer on Firestick?

Es File Explorer is available on the Amazon App store and can be installed directly from it. Just follow the steps below to do it.

In most of the countries, Es file Explorer is not available for them. You have to use the sideloading option below.

ES File Explorer on Firestick
How to Install ES File Explorer on Firestick

Turn On Firestick

Connect your firestick to your device and turn it ON.

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Open Search

On the Home Screen, you can find a top menu bar with options. In that, you can find Search. Click on it.

Type Es File Explorer

On the Search, just type as Es File Explorer using your firestick remote.

Select Es File Explorer

After typing and selecting the Es File Explorer, you can find the App icon. Just tap on it to Open.

Select Download

Now, the app dashboard will be opening. In there, you can find an option to download it.


It will begin downloading files and install the app on your firestick. Still, that you have to wait takes less than a minute.

Click Open

Once the installation completes. You can find the Open option and click on it. However, you can just get back to the home screen and run the app later from your apps section.

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How to Sideload Es File Explorer on Firestick Using Downloader App?

Most of the countries Es File Explorer has been removed and looking for a solution to Install it. So, we have mentioned an alternative method to Sideload Es File Explorer on Amazon Firestick.

For that, you will be in need of the Downloader app. Just get to know “How to Download Downloader App on Firestick.“. After installing the downloader app, follow the steps below.

Step1: Open Downloader App.

Step2: Enter the URL as given below on the URL box


Step3: click on Go.

Step4: It will begin downloading and installing the files on your firestick.

Step5: After the download completes, a pop-up appears on the screen. Just click on install.

Step6: Installation begins and completes in a minute.

Step7: Click on Done.

That’s it. You have successfully sideloaded Es File Explorer on Fire TV. However, you can find the app in your app section.

How to Use Es File Explorer on Amazon Firestick?

Most of them have installed and using Es File Explorer on their fire TV. Also, thinking about How to use it wisely and smartly to improve the performance of the firestick.

Actually, File explorer shows all the files on your device, and the APK file can be seen on the folder. you can just delete the unwanted one from it and keep the important files.

Let’s check out some important works which are frequently used by the users below.

How to Sideload Apps on Firestick Using Es File Explorer?

However, you can use Es File Explorer to sideload apps on the Amazon Fire TV. All you need is the APK URL for Firestick and an active internet connection.

Step1: Open ES File Explorer.

Step2: Click on the ‘+New’ tab below.

Step3: A pop-up menu appears on screen with an option to enter Pathname and File Name.

Step4: just enter the APK URL for Firestick and the File name.

Step5: Click on Download Now.

Step6: It will begin downloading the file.

Step7: Click on Open File.

Step8: Click on Install.

Step9: Installation begins and completes in a minute.

Step10: click on Done.

Now, you can find the App on your Apps section of your device.

How to Delete Apps on Amazon Firestick Using Es File Explorer?

Step1: Open Es File Explorer

Step2: Click on App icon.

Step3: It shows all the app on your Firestick device.

Step4: Select the App to delete.

Step5: below, you can find option to uninstall.

Step6: Click on Uninstall.

That’s it. All the data regarding the app will be removed and uninstalled from your firestick. To know more procedures to delete apps on firestick check here.

Features of ES File Explorer

  • Best File Manager
  • Download Third-Party Apps using the Es File manager
  • You can Delete Apps on firestick
  • Has an in-built browser
  • Allows to do multimedia Browsing
  • Shortcut Bar
  • Simple User Interface
  • Bluetooth support
  • Supports Streaming
  • File compression and Decompression.
  • Local network management
  • Social Sharing
  • Allows Bookmarking
  • Allows viewing hidden files.

Final Words

Hope that you have got some useful information regarding the Es File Explorer. Really, it is an awesome application for firestick with lots of features and accessibility tools. It allows users to remove floating widgets, delete apps, install apps, clear cache, and much more. Still, in need of any help leave a comment below.


Do I need ES FileExplorer on FireStick?

Absolutely, because it helps in many ways to sort out your performance problems in clearing the unwanted files. Even though you can work without the Es File Explorer but it will be more helpful.

How do I download ES File Explorer on Fire Stick for free?

Es File Explorer is available free of cost only the pro version is paid. Still, you can sideload the free version of Es File Explorer from here. just follow the steps above to download it for free.

How do I clean my FireStick with ES File Explorer?

Check out the step-by-step method to clean your firestick as mentioned above. Simple procedure to follow which takes only a minute to clean your firestick.

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