How to Enable Always on Top for Zoom Meeting?

How to Enable Always on Top for Zoom Meeting: Nowadays we can arrange meetings, conferences, and discussions with help of video conferencing apps. One of the best and safe videos conferencing app is Zoom meeting. Today we discuss how to enable Always on Top for zoom meetings.

Most of the people who use zoom meet regularly are also doing a lot of multitasking. In while, the Meeting window floating around somewhere on your screen. This is not a cool thing, so we have to go for another solution.

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Zoom meeting has a solution for that, it has a feature of always-on a top. This feature rectifies all your problems with windows changing. Let’s see how to access it on zoom meeting.

What is a Zoom meeting?

Zoom meeting is an American communication technology company. It is headquartered in San Jose, California. It is useful for teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education, and social events. You can able to turn on the always-on-a-top feature to set zoom meeting on top.

Features of Zoom meeting

  • High-quality HD Video and Audio.
  • Allows Participant Camera feed.
  • You can use Audio only Conferencing.
  • Zoom provides end-to-end encryption.
  • Zoom allows Schedule meetings.
  • You can pair Calendar with Zoom.

How to Enable Always on Top in Zoom on Windows?

You can able to turn on the Always on top option on windows easily. Follow the blowing steps to enable always on top option.

Enable Always on Top for Zoom meeting
How to Enable Always on Top for Zoom meeting?

Step 1:

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During the meeting, click the blue zoom icon on your left top corner of the meeting window.

Step 2:

Then select the Keep on Top option. Now your Zoom meet is displayed on top of the screen.

How to Enable Float on Top on your Mac device?

Apple users can access the “Always on Top” option. But it is named “Float on Top” on Mac.

Step 1:

Go to the Menu bar at the top of the screen.

Step 2:

Under Menu, Select Meeting.

Step 3:

You can see the Float on Top option under the Meeting button. Click it.


Does Zoom always put you on top?

Mostly, Zoom puts all the participants on the top of the screen. Also, shows who is currently talking below. The important thing is this only works in the meeting with three or more people.

How do I pin Zoom on top?

On the meeting window, You can pin the video of the participant by clicking the menu button and select pin.

Does Zoom show your face?

If you turn on your video while meeting, everyone can see your video including you. You can hide or show your video displaying for each meeting.


Hope the above-given article can provide every detail that you want. With zoom meet, you can arrange a new meeting or join existing meetings easily. It allows every participant to share Images, Videos, and Documents. Use the above steps to enable always on top for Zoom meeting.

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