7 Best Email Clients for Chromebook [Best Email App for ChromeOS]

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Hello Business professionals! We back with the best article for you. As you always be alerted in your business, you might stay online all the time. Then only you will receive notifications, messages, emails, or any other business-related chattings instantly. To handle your professional matters, Chromebook is the best choice. Have you purchased the Chromebook? Now, the foremost thing is you have to install the best email clients on it. There are hundreds of fascinating email clients out there for Chromebooks.

The small gist of Chromebook

Chromebook is available in the form of laptops and tablets. As the name indicates, it works on a Linux-based Chrome Operating system. It is famous for its lightweight and portable use for business meetings.

Not only for business purposes but also preferable to the people who want to stay always online. The functionality and performance of the Chromebook are closely similar to the Android Operating system.

The special part of the Chromebook is, it allows the installation of the Google Play Store. Here, you can easily install the Android apps and runs them on a Chromebook environment.

Along with that, you can use Chrome extensions for better performance. It saves your data directly on cloud storage. Even though you can make use of 100 GB of in-built online Chromebook storage.

Best Email clients for Chromebook

There are plenty of extensions are specially made for Chromebooks. We don’t want to make you confuse with general opinions. We have listed the 7 best specific email clients that work well for your Chromebook. Take off to the upcoming section.

7 Best Email Clients for Chromebook [Best Email App for ChromeOS]
7 Best Email Clients for Chromebook [Best Email App for ChromeOS]
  • Gmail
  • Outlook
  • Boomerang for Gmail
  • Hunter for Chrome
  • Thunderbird
  • Mailtrack
  • Taskforce

1. Gmail – Best Email App for Chromebook


Whatever the new email services arrive, Gmail remains at the top of the list. Google designed the best email interface. With this, the user can navigate easily across anywhere.

At present, almost all Android smartphones come up with an in-built Gmail application on them. Gmail has an organized interface. Through this, accessing the service is very convenient for the users. Each email accounts have 15 GB of online storage.

Composing emails, sending, receiving replies, attachment of photos, videos, documents are too easy with the Gmail service. Additionally, it is integrated with Google Photos, Google Drive to safeguard your data.

2. Microsoft Outlook – Best Email Client for Chromebook

Microsoft Outlook
Best Email Clients for Chromebook – Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful email managing software. Once you created your Microsoft account or installed Office 365, you are a good way to access Outlook.

In addition to the email service, it offers to work with MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Powerpoint. All the services together bring up Outlook as the best email client.

It does the job great on your Chromebook. You will get instant notification, and so you can do quick email chattings with your colleagues. Undoubtedly, you can share your personal data like calendar events, contacts, media, and much more.

No snoopers can track your Outlook service. As a result, Outlook is there for your safety and security. It is one of the Best Email clients for Chromebook.

3. Boomerang – best for scheduling events

Boomerang for gmail
The Boomerang for gmail

Boomerang for Gmail is simply called Boomerang. Customization is the best part of the Boomerang service. Yeah! As you work under a busy schedule, you can plan your upcoming schedules as per your comfort.

You can even postpone the incoming emails and read them at your leisure. Additionally, it works based on your preference. Those emails you have assigned as high priority will notify you at the top of the page.

The Remaining will be located as per the higher to a lower priority. Pausing and postponing incoming emails are favorable for the users to avoid annoying messages.

4. Hunter for Chrome

Hunter - Email App

The Hunter. Is the name looks so weird? What it hunts? Hunter is an idealistic program that hunts the email addresses included within particular websites.

This email service helps to discover the people who work online and communicate with them through their emails. It helps to hunt the emails associated with the job-seeking portals, and marketing websites.

Hunter of Chrome is specially made for Chrome web users. If you want to communicate with the sales team of a particular product, a hunter discovers the email accounts integrated into the website.

So, you can start to communicate with the product team. They will clear out your doubts about the product instantly.


5. Thunderbird

Thunderbird - Email Client for Chrome

Mozilla Firefox launched an open-source email service named Thunderbird. Like Firefox, Thunderbird also works rapidly. The automatic organization of emails by date and tags is the best piece of Thunderbird.

Multitasking is all you want, Thunderbird remains the best choice ever. The multi-level encryption filters the spam emails of your account. Additionally, It supports multiple email accounts like Gmail, Pop, Yahoo, Imap, and so on.

And also, It accepts all kinds of mail formats such as mBox, Unix, mailbox to share and receive emails. It allows accessing multiple channels, to make conversation with different people with one sit.

6. Mailtrack

Mailtrack - Email Client

As the name says, it is an email tracking service. In other words, If you admire WhatsApp tracking and the blue tick marks once it is read by the receiver, Mailtrack does the same.

Tracking in the sense, if the recipient reads your email, you will get an instant notification. Or else, if the email is not delivered to the recipient, you will get notified immediately.

Likewise, it will give real-time notifications on the spot.  Moreover, the high-level security system manages your service to prevent the data from fraudulent hand. Fix this tracking mail service on your Chromebook.

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7. Taskforce

Taskforce- Email Client for Chromebook
Best Email To Do – Taskforce

Taskforce considers each email as a task. Importantly, If you want to split the works for your team, you can create a to-do list. As per the agenda, it tracks the tasks assigned to the contacts.

It will take care of your inbox and organize the emails according to the tasks. Once you installed it on your Chromebook, you will get immense experience with the taskforce email service.

Plus, you can set up the task notification on your Chromebook. In the end, It saves your precious time and leads you to accomplish the assigned tasks within the estimated time.

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Bottom Line

To sum up, all seven email clients are competitive with one another. These email clients make your business flow smoothly and update you as well.

As per your work requirement, you can make use of these email services. Pick the best choice to get notification of the emails you receive.

I hope, this article suggests reliable email clients for the Chromebook. Get this for Chromebook and you will never miss any of your important emails hereafter.

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