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What Channel is the Eagles Game on Spectrum? [2022]

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Football is a well-known game, and it is played by all types of people. Playing gives us physical strength and actively participates in all activities, so everyone should play to get relief from stress. In this article, I will tell you about an exciting football team Philadelphia Eagles, a famous team in NFL. Incidentally, we can watch their games on different sports Channels using Spectrum. For that, we need the Channel number of different sports Channels. Here we will see the Sports  Channel numbers to watch the Eagles game on Spectrum.

Who are the Philadelphia Eagles?

Readers, every team has its style to attract the audience, like the Eagles follow different techniques to attract them. Who are the Eagles? Ok, let’s move to the answer, Philadelphia Eagles are the American professional football team belonging to Philadelphia. This team has the first competition in the NFC East division, joining as a club member. They played their games at Lincoln Financial Field. This team was started in the year 1933 as the backup of the Frankford Yellow Jackets. The Eagles have faced the playoff 27 times and earned 14 division titles and four pre-merger NFL Championship games out of four, winning three Championships (1948, 1949, and 1960). In addition, the team also faced the super bowl three times and won in the 2017 season.

The team has the best rivalry, and it was the oldest in the NFL and also NFC East. Eagles have the number one position on NFL Network for the best rivalry. It is the fourth best rivalry in NFL portrayed by Sports. Not only that, but they also have powerful and well-known rivalries in the American Football Community. Unfortunately, the Eagles also have a sorrowful rivalry experience with Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers. The team has an unremarkable rivalry with the Washington Commanders. The Eagles are the best in the league, and they were sold till 1999 in all seasons of games. The Philadelphia Eagles are in the hand of Jeffrey Lurie from the previous hand Norman Brahman for the cost of $195 million. According to Forbes, the team was valued at 2.65 billion, and in the value, they got the 10th rank in all the NFL teams.

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Current Roster

The players are very important to meet the success in the game. The combination of players with their attention helps the team to the way of achievement. Like that, their position in the team is very important for the players, so readers, I have provided here famous players’ names and their position on the team.

Quarterbacks: Jalen Hurts, Gardner Minshew, Carson Strong

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Running backs: Kennedy Brooks, Kenneth Gainwell, Jason Huntley

Wide receivers: Devon Allen, A. J. Brown, Quez Watkins

Defensive lineman: Derek Barnett, Marvin Wilson, Renell Wren

Linebackers: Shaun Bradley, Davion Taylor, Kyzir White

Defensive backs: Ugo Amadi, Kary Vincent Jr., K’Von Wallace

What is Spectrum?

Hello, readers, everyone likes to watch TV programs instantly, we can’t watch without any proper cable connection. I am here to suggest the best cable connection service, i.e, Spectrum. Spectrum is one of the cable service providers. It is under the trade name Charter Communications to offer wireless service on the internet, cable television, and telephone to market to the consumer commercially. Spectrum service offers many original programs from Charter Communication.

The first series they broadcast is L.A’S Finest, in addition to that, they also provide other series like Curfew, E IS for Edie, Mad About You, Paradise Lost, Todo por el juego (Everything for the Game), Temple, Sky One, etc., For Spectrum internet plans the company mingles with TWC and Bright House Networks, they offer internet only for their area at first, and later on, they extend their internet service. After that, the same company introduced a scheme called Spectrum Mobile, a mobile virtual network operator service that offers a mobile service for both 4G and 5G from the Verizon wireless internet service.

As I said already, TV and cable service is needed to watch programs, these are the least important but very important Subscription. For a cable service, we should need a subscription. The subscription package of Spectrum has two plans, respectively. Here I have provided the plan details.

Spectrum TV Select: The cost of the plan is $49.99/month with 125+ Channels.

Mi Plan Latino: Its cost is $34.99/month. This plan has 145+ Channels.

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What Channel is the Eagles Game on Spectrum?

The game of the Philadelphia Eagles is available on different Channels. Do you know on which Channel you can watch their game? No, Ok, readers, don’t worry, I will provide you the Channel number of different Sports Channels on Spectrum. Here, elaborately I give some Sports Channels and their number to watch the Eagles game on Spectrum.

Eagles game on Spectrum

What Channel is the Eagles game on Spectrum?

Service provider: Spectrum

Channel Name Channel Number
Fox Sports 112
NBC Sports 26
NFL Network 310
CBS Sports 315

From the above-mentioned Channels, you can watch your favorite Eagles game on Spectrum. I also provided the Channel number of different Channels on Spectrum.

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Readers, we are in the end part of the section. Hopefully, this article will support you all the way to watching the Eagles game on Spectrum. I think all your doubts will be cleared with this article. The Eagles have separate followers, and they covered all types of audiences towards them. Watching their match at your house using Spectrum gives a pleasant atmosphere. So enjoy their games on NFL and other leagues. Readers enjoy the game and also the article. Thus, this is about the Philadelphia Eagles game on Spectrum. Thank you.


What is the cheapest subscription package of Spectrum?

The cheapest subscription package of Spectrum is Spectrum TV Select. The cost of the plan is $49.99/month with 125+ Channels.

What Channel is the ESPN on Spectrum?

Luckily, ESPN Channel is available on Spectrum. It is available on Channel number 39 on Spectrum. Now you can watch the Philadelphia Eagles game on ESPN through Spectrum.

Do local Channels available on Spectrum?

Yes, local Channels are available on Spectrum. The local Channels like FOX, NBC, CBS, and ABC. In addition to that, other Government Channels like  C-SPAN, the CW, HSN, MeTV, PBC, and QVC.

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