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How to Download Downloader App on Firestick?

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Amazon Firestick is a most awesome device which allows all your favorite applications to install on it. Mostly. it supports all the applications and some of them are already available on the Firestick App store. All you have to do is Search and Download apps on firestick. In this guide, you can get to know How to Download Downloader App on Firestick in A Minute.

Most user is looking for the Downloader app for firestick to install the third-party app. The downloader has made it easy for everyone to install apps on firestick. But you will be in need an App URL for Firestick to download the APK file.

Just go through the Guide and get to know about the Downloader App and the procedure to download it.

What is Downloader app?

Downloader App is a simple downloading tool that downloads files just by entering the URL in it. This App has been considered the easiest way to download apk files on Firestick.

It has been developed and designed by AFTNews and is available on the Amazon App Store for Free of Cost.


  • Available Free of Cost.
  • Single Click to Download a file on Firestick.
  • Built-in Browser.
  • Also, Users can manage the APK file by option as Delete or manage.
  • Open up the frequently used URL and your Favorite in an instant.
  • Allows Bookmarking your favorites.
  • Has A Simple User Interface and easy to use.
  • The Developer has said it takes approximately 20 sec to download.
  • It supports all the popular file extensions in it.

Downloader App Information

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How to Download Downloader on Firestick?

Downloader App on Firestick
How to Download Downloader App on Firestick?

In this Guide, the user can get to know How to Download and Install Downloader App on Firestick in less than a Minute.

Turn On the Firestick

Firestick Home Page
Firestick Home Page

Make Sure that Firestick is connected to the WiFi and has an Active Internet Connection.

Open Search

Click the Search option on Firestick
Click the Search option on Firestick

On the Top Menu bar, you can find a search option. tap on it to open.

Type Downloader

Search and select the Downloader app on Firestick
Search and select the Downloader app on Firestick

In the search bar, type the downloader app by using the Firestick remote. After typing the Downloader app click on search.

Choose Downloader

Below you can find the list of applications that select the Downloader App by navigating the firestick remote.

Select Get Option

In the downloader app dashboard, you can find an option as “Get it”. Just Click on it and starts downloading.

Open Downloader

Downloading the Downloader App takes around 20 secs and its installation also is done. you have to wait till it completes its process.

Click on OK

On the start-up of the downloader app, you will get a notification from the developer regarding the Downloader app. Just click on the Ok tab.

Click on Allow

Another small notification appears on the bottom of the downloader app to allow access to media files and Photos on Firestick. just click on Allow.

Enable Javascript

Move to Settings and enable the Javascript checkbox. It helps to download third-party files on firestick using the Built-in browser.

Installation Done

That’s it. installation is done. By using the URL box on the Downloader App dashboard, you can download any App by entering the URL.

Final Words

Downloader is one of the best applications to download any files on firestick. however, some of the users love using Es File Explorer on Firestick to download third-party files on Firestick. But requires lots of procedures to download files.

But Downloader App downloads the files in just one click and completes the download in less than 30 secs. We hope that this guide resolves all your issues regarding the downloader and get to know How to use Downloader on Firestick. For More applications Visit


Is the Downloader app safe?

yes, the Downloader app is absolutely safe to use on the Firestick. Actually, it depends on the file you are downloading from third-party websites. Make sure that you are using a VPN while downloading Third-Party Files.

Is Downloader free on Firestick?

Download App absolutely available free of cost and also it does not have any annoying ads in it.

How to Install Downloader on Firestick?

Follow the steps below to install Downloader on Firestick.

Step 1:

Move to the Home Page of Firestick

Step 2:

Open Search from the Top menu bar.

Step 3:

In that Type Downloader and click on Search using Firestick Remote.

Step 4:

Below you can find Downloader App, just select and open it.

Step 5:

In the dashboard, you can find an option as Download it. Click on it.

Step 6:

It will begin downloading and installing the downloader on firestick.

Step 7:

Once installation completes, click on Open.

That’s it Installation was completed successfully. Now, You can enjoy using the Downloader App on fire Tv to download any files.

How do I download an app with a downloader?

It is easy to download an Application using the Downloader app. follow the steps below to download Apps on firestick.

#1. Open Downloader

#2. In the URL box, type the URL for that Application.

#3. After entering click on Go.

#4. It will begin downloading the app on a firestick or it will redirect to the website. There you can find the download button and click on it to download.

#5. Once the download completes, a window pops up on the screen asking for Installation.

#6. Click on Install.

#7. Installation begins and completes in less than a minute.

#8. Click on Open to use the Application on Firestick.

Now, you can find the downloaded apps in your apps section on Firestick.

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