How to DM Someone on Discord? [Simple Guide]

DM on Discord: Discord is one of the best places to communicate with your gaming friends and others. There is no restriction to interact with anyone. Do you want to send a message to your friends or another user? If your answer is Yes, this article is for you. Today, we are going to see a simple procedure to message with your friends.

If you want to communicate with another Discord user in private chat, then DM is one of the right choices. Direct Message is called DM. You can send a message to a person who is on your Friend list. Also, you can message an unknown person who is not on your friend list. Let’s get into the article to know more about DM on Discord.

How to DM on Discord to your Friends?

You can easily send a message to a member who is on your friend list. Follow the below steps to DM your friends.

 DM Someone on Discord
How to DM Someone on Discord?

Step 1:

On your Discord, go to the Home.

Step 2:

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Now, you can see the list of friends and your previous chats on the Home screen.  

Step 3:

Then, go to the search option and search for the friend who you want to message from the friend list.

Step 4:

Finally, send DM to your friend.

How to DM Someone on Discord?

If you want to send a message to an unknown person, follow the below simple procedure. There is no compulsion to add that person to your Friends list.

Step 1:

Launch your Discord, and select the server.

Step 2:

From the server, choose the person you want to message.

Step 3:

Select the Name and create a message.

Step 4:

Then, click on the Enter button to send a message.

Step 5:

Finally, the message was sent to that person and you will redirect to the friend’s list.


You can easily send a message to your friends or any other Discord users. DM is one of the best choices when compared to the command. To send a message to a new one, there is not necessary to add him to your friend list. Use the above steps to DM your friends or other users. We hope, this article will provide you with all the information about DM on Discord.

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