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How to Get and Watch Discovery plus on Roku? [Simple Guide]

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Hey all! Discovery branched out the informative streaming service for us. Yes! Discovery+ is the new streaming platform stuffed with interesting original content. At first, Discovery Inc. released this service in India in the middle of 2020.

After that, it has grown –up in many more countries and territories. Look inside this article and discover the content covered in the Discovery+ application. Scroll up to know the highlights of the Discovery+ application. This immersive service is available now on Roku streaming player. If you are a Roku user, this context is just for you.

A Gist of Discovery Plus

Discovery+ is famous for its fun learning. It has a massive collection of channels that head over with food, animals, travels, horror, facts, science, and so on. Comparatively, it is quite better than ordinary channels. You can stream Discovery+ content at an affordable cost.

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If you feel the ads distract your watching experience, you can even opt for a subscription to stream ad-free content. All the shows, shorts, clippings, documentaries are worth buying for the money. Along with facts, it also has educative information too.

It helps to boost up the knowledge of kids as well as youngsters. In addition to that, you can able to access the History channels.

Discovery+ on Roku streaming player

As Discovery+ is a streaming service, it is highly integrated with most of the streaming players. Likewise, you can get this app from the Amazon app store and also the Roku Channel store. Additionally, the mobile version is compatible with Play Store and App Store.

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Therefore, you will always stay in touch with Discovery Plus on your compatible devices. The complete guide for installing Discovery+ on Roku Player is given below.

How to Install and Watch Discovery Plus on Roku?

Discovery plus on Roku

how to Watch Discovery plus on Roku


First off, connect your Roku player with your smart TV. Then, Power on your Roku-connected TV.


Secondly, take your Roku remote and press the home button. On the home screen, land on the Search tab.


At there, search the Discovery+ using the on-screen keyboard. Next, Pick out the appropriate channel from the suggestion list.


After that, navigate your access to press the Add Channel button. Now, It starts rendering to add the app on your Roku.


Once finishes the downloading process, hit the Go to channel button. It will take you to look inside the channel.


On the first screen of Discovery+, tap the sign-in button. Then, provide the proper account details like username and password on the log-in field.

Good. You have done all the essential matters successfully. It is your turn to explore the fruitful features of Discovery+ on your Roku TV.

How to cast Discovery plus on Roku TV?

Sometimes, you may fail to get the Discovery+ on Roku TV due to out-of-storage or any other issues. At that time, Casting is the most preferred choice for you. As we have a mobile application of Discovery+, it is very simple to mirror your device. Let see quickly how to cast Discovery+ on Roku.

  1. At main, go to the appropriate application store to download and install the Discovery+ app.
  2. Next, remember your log-in details to launch the app on your smartphone.
  3. After that, wipe down your mobile screen to view the notification panel.
  4. From here, you can tap the cast icon.
  5. Meanwhile, turn on the wifi access on both Roku TV and your casting device.
  6. Just tap the cast icon to initiate the pairing with nearby devices. Soon, tap the Roku TV name on your mobile screen.
  7. Now, your Roku TV ready to mirror the content that is playing on the smartphone.
  8. Open up your desired Discovery+ content on your phone. At the same time, watch the shows on your Roku screen.


How much Discovery+ costs?

Luckily, the new users make use of the free trials for a week. I’m sure you will definitely admire it by watching the trial period itself. To continue your streaming on Discovery+, you have to choose the subscription plan. The two plans offer in this app are,

  • One is $4.99/month – This plan contains ads
  • Another plan is $6.99/month – This plan offers ad-free service

Is Discovery+ available on the Roku Channel store?

Yes. In general, all the Roku users used to search the selective app for the Roku Player. In such cases, Discovery+ turned out to be a worthy choice.

Moreover, You can get this service natively. If you dunno how to add discovery+ on the Roku streaming player, go through the steps stated in this article.

Can I cast Discovery Plus on Roku TV?

Sure. Probably, Discovery+ is adaptable well on smartphones and computers. The user can install the app on their compact device. And also, it features the casting service to project the Discovery+ content on the big TV screen.

Check out this article to know the simple installation method. Or else, you can even mirror your hand-in device to watch Discovery+ streaming on Roku player.

Final Verdict

To sum up, Discovery+ is one of the best apps for watching a variety of content. And also, it delivers on-demand videos without spending much. It is going to be the biggest eye-treat for the users.

Most importantly, the media you like to stream on Discovery plus may vary according to your location. It depends on the country and where you streaming from.

Once you read this write-up, let you know all the possibilities to get the Discovery plus on your Roku TV.

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