How to Install and Watch Discovery Channel on Firestick? [Updated 2022]

Discovery Channel on Firestick: Hello buddies, Are you waiting to stream Discovery shows on your Firestick streaming device? If so, you have reached the right place, now, you can get all your favorite Discovery Channel content on your desirable device with our guide.

In this article, we are going to show the simplest method to enjoy all your desired shows on the big screen. So, join us to learn the simple method to enjoy Discovery Channel on Firestick.

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Discovery Channel is an American cable channel that is controlled by the company of Warner Bros. Discovery. With Discovery, you can get a lot of content like Man vs. Wild, River Monsters, Mythbusters, Extreme Engineering, and so on.

Also, you can stream all discovery Channel shows on your device in 1080i HDTV quality. Moreover, it is a free cable channel, so you need not pay a fee to get Discovery shows on your device.

But, online services like Discovery Plus and Discovery Go are subscription-based services, so you should pay a certain amount as a subscription fee to access all its content on your device. To learn the procedure to install Discovery Channel on Firestick, let’s jump into the article without delay.

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Is it possible to install Discovery Channel on Firestick?

Actually, Discovery Channel is a cable TV service, so you can access it with your TV provider credentials. But, if you want to access it on your Firestick, you have to go for the online streaming service.

Luckily, Discovery Channel has a dedicated app which is named Discovery Go. It is one of the perfect choices to stream Discovery shows on your Firestick device.

How to Install Discovery Channel on Firestick?

Indeed, Discovery Plus is a cable channel, if you want to access it online, then you can go for the Discovery Go. In this portion, we will explain the simplest way to stream all Discovery shows on your desirable device using the Discovery Go service. Discovery Channel on Firestick

How to Install Discovery Channel on Firestick?

Step 1:

Firstly, power your Firestick and connect it with a stable wifi connection.

Step 2:

Then, head to the home screen and hit the Search button on your device.

Step 3:

Now, enter Discovery Go using the on-screen keyboard and look for the app.

Step 4:

After that, select the Discovery Go app from the result list and tap on the Install button to get it on your Firestick.

Step 5:

Once the app is installed on your device, launch Discovery Go on your Firestick and sign in to your account using your proper credentials.

Step 6:

Finally, you can stream all your favorite Discovery shows on Firestick endlessly.

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How to Screen Mirror Discovery Channel on Firestick?

If you cannot get the Discovery app on your Firestick, then you can follow the below-given method. Here we are going to screen mirror your smartphone to get back Discovery Channel on Firestick.

Step 1:

Initially, go to the Firestick Home Page and select the Settings option.

Step 2:

Then, select the Display & Sounds option under the Settings menu.

Step 3:

Now, highlight the Enable Display Mirroring option on your Firestick device.

Step 4:

After that, install the Discovery Go app on your smartphone from the respective app store.

Step 5:

Then, sign in to your account and choose the content that you want to stream on Firestick connected TV.

Step 6:

Now, go to the Control Panel and select the Screen Mirroring option.

Step 7:

Soon, you will get the list of available devices on your screen, select your Firestick device name from the list.

Step 8:

After the successful pairing, you can easily stream all your favorite Discovery shows on the big screen without any restrictions.

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How much does Discovery Channel cost?

Discovery is a free cable TV service, so you can easily stream all your favorite shows from Discovery Channel for no cost. But, if you want to stream Discovery shows online, you have to pay a certain amount as a subscription fee. You can get monthly as well as yearly subscription plans, for further details, you can visit Discovery Plus’s official website.

Why is Discovery Plus not working on Firestick?

Sometimes, you may face trouble while accessing the Discovery channel on your streaming device because of technical glitches or temporary bugs. At the time, you can restart or update the app on your Firestick. Still, if you are facing the same issue with your app, then you can reinstall it and stream all your favorites without any interruptions.


Now, streaming your favorite Discovery shows on your Firestick device is not a Himalayan challenge. Here is a simple guide to get Discovery Channel on Firestick.

In this article, we mention the direct as well as screen mirroring method to enjoy all your favorite Discovery content endlessly on the big screen. We hope this article will help you to install and access Discovery Channel on your Firestick streaming device.

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